Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Time goes, you say?"

"Ah no, Alas, Time stays, we go."

How far we have come in the past month and a half. What feels like days has been weeks and what will soon feel like weeks will in actuality be months.

I hadn't realized it but it had been an entire month of bloglessness for me. Some sort of record, I'm sure. So I blurted out to Tristin that he should do an update on our lives as I was running out the door to work the other day. What I didn't realize was that there wasn't really anything interesting enough (for him) to blog about....until he set out on his quest to hook up half the apartments appliances to be on-demand by the touch of our phones. You can read about it in the blog prior to this one.

Here's one new thing I've learned about Tristin. When given a lot of spare time, he will start crazy projects. He's probably broken and fixed our computer (which is new) 4 times over since we've moved due to tweeking programs on it and what not! I don't speak the language of technology so I don't really know the specifics, all I know is that one day I'll want to use the computer and it's broken...again, or he's hooked up the tv and surround sound to the computer and none of those are working. Then I come home and lights are switching on in the house magically and there he'll be sitting on the couch grinning at me, trying to see if I'm freaked out or if I've figured out that it's one of his projects he worked on. He kind of reminds me of Merlin the magician from the cartoon, The Sword in the Stone. (that scene from the movie say's it all). Some days his tricks run smoothly, and then some days he gets a little carried away and things get a little messy with which I say "I don't care, as long as you can fix it"....and he always does. I Love my nerdy husband!

Wow, talk about a tangent...
So here it goes, our lives here in Colorado the past 4 weeks or so...

ZIM FEST (the end of June):

It was pretty cool. The farmers market had a lot to show for the day and we had live music and singing. What really stumped me was that I was half expecting black people to be performing because it's Zim in ZIMBABWE the country in AFRICA! How ignorant am I? You'd think ME, a WHITE person from South AFRICA would understand that there are white people in Zimbabwe! I'll tell you what, I'll never make fun of anyone who asks me stupid questions about Africa again, "are your parents black, can you read, are their buildings in Africa, do people wear shoes in Africa, why are you white" questions like that.


Conryd and Aly drove to Colorado to spend the 4th weekend with us! It was awesome. Friday we took them to see Boulder, Saturday we played games, relaxed, ate food til we felt sick and wrote our names in the air with sparklers in commemoration of the 4th (how cool are we?) Then Sunday they had to leave us which really stunk.


My parents came to visit us the following week. My dad had a show in Denver from the 8th-11th so we'd hang out with them during the evenings when I didn't have work. We ate at the International Tea House 3 nights in a row because the food was TO DIE FOR! It was so amazing, I couldn't believe my taste buds. Then Saturday we took my mom to check out the Farmers market which she loved. We saw and heard some interesting things from a guy wearing a "I love Weed" shirt to a man in the line behind us verbally marking his disapprobation to the lady next to us by saying that she was torturing her dog for letting it walk on the hot pavement and that she should put her hands on the ground and see if she likes it.

Aren't people great?

Then we had to redo the whole goodbye scenario which I've come to strongly dislike, BUT I have to get used to it because it will have to be done a lot in the next 3-4 years.

On a positive note, Colorado has stolen our hearts. It's beautiful, comfortable, the people are lovely and we are very happy here.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Homemade Hax0red iPhone Videos

So it has been over a month since we posted anything. Big deal, you know you don't care that much. All the same, you might have had a moment in the middle of the night when you wondered what we are doing. Right before you realized you still had half a sandwich in the fridge from lunch. Yum!

We don't really want to bore you with details of what we've been doing (Juanique is working, Tristin is pretending to work and slowly rotting until school starts), so here is an abridged version: We saw lightning and our phones can open our garage door. Yeah, we are awesome in two different ways. And we have videos to prove it. Here's the lightning:

All apologies for the lousy quality and the sidewaysness. All we had was an iPhone (not 3Gs--we do it old-school hax0r style), which doesn't do well with fast things or the dark. I recommend you download the video, open it with VLC, turn on image sharpening to full throttle, and rotate the image 270 degrees. That would make it watchable. But skip to 1:20ish and only watch for 20 seconds. Yeah, I could do all that for you. But then I'd lose interest before this video actually got put up and it would be another month before you heard from us.

OKAY, here is the exciting part that you've all been hoping for ever since you got your first garage. That's right, friends. We've figured out how to open our garage door with a garage door opener OR the computer OR a remote OR our iPhones! You can believe what you are reading, because we have proof in the form of another blurry iPhone video. This is the part where we confess that we don't own a real video camera. We hate memories and stuff. But I'm pretty excited about this, because nothing makes me feel more like a man than opening my garage door with my phone. I know, I have issues. Just wait until I get a Roomba and arm it with a laser. Just the thought makes me a little bit teary eyed. Okay, here it is:

You are so jealous. If you aren't, pretend you are so that I'll feel cool. Thanks. We've also got a digital picture frame and the living room lamp set up on this system. Once we get some more $$$ we can add to it, so that eventually the whole house will be controllable with the phone. And then I will get a Roomba and attach a laser to it. At that point, pray you are on my good list. Mwahahahaha!...