Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy 2013??

"The Winter from Hell" is an understatement when describing the past 2 months. No seriously, grey is all we've experienced in 2013. Actually, I'm lying. There WERE those 5 days this year that showed signs of a big ball of gas floating somewhere out there in the universe....I think people call it "the Sun". I've forgotten this thing called "sun"....and "happiness"...

Wow, this tirade is getting weird.
You probably want news! Well here's some mind blowing news to remember this year by so far. Brace yourself for strange things:

1) Worst Utah winter since the 80's
3) My dads business burning down. No, I'm not joking here, this did happen
4)I totaled my in, I got in a car accident...and destroyed my car. Apparently it wasn't worth much anyway. I also got whiplash. That was fun...

They say bad things come in threes...Well "They" were wrong!!

Yay 2013! Now for some pictures because no one really likes to read posts, they just like to look at the pictures.  

(Note to self: Do NOT drink caffeine before bed and then blog)
My dad turned 70 Jan 3rd. All his kids were in the country to celebrate it with him as well as his sister, Aunt Joy. Happy  surprise party, Dad! You're the best man I've ever know! T being a VERY close runner up, that is.
Skiing fun: Deer Valley

He's Hot...
...and just down right sexy sometimes! (We need to facetime more often, Babe)

The day of shame...

My ride just got pimped, yo. Seriously, I bought the exact same car, just a newer model by two years and 20,000 less miles on it.  I don't like change...can you tell?

Conryd and Aly are moving to Florida this month and are taking this handsome man with him!  I guess I'm just gunna have to grow my own one some day so that no one can take him away from me. 

Went to a Natural Products Expo this past weekend with my mother and sister in law, Janene. It was in Anaheim, California.  I got to run on the beach. It was beyond amazing! Why am I not living by a beach again??

Health Expos are magical! I just love my new hot bod so much that I decided to rip my shirt off and show the world just how sexy I've become (and apparently just how immodest I've become, too. Shame on me)

Even the Madre got in on the sexy action!

We also happened to run into a basketball allstar, James Worthy! He seemed to have to hots for my mom. I don't blame they guy, really...

What's our next adventure? For both of us? Running. We plan on running a few races this year again.  For me, Nursing school. Yes, I am now running my business AND taking classes again at UVU. In 4 years time I'll have completed the Nursing program and will be applying for the PhD Nurse Practitioners program over at the U of U. T and I tend to love our schooling....and our cat, Sylar...and each other. That's pretty much our universe right now but not necessarily in that order.

Good night...(well, good morning. It's 12:15am)