Saturday, March 20, 2010

He's a Babe

FACT: I did NOT know my husband was legally blind until a few months ago. I knew his eye sight was bad, but not that bad.

FACT: I LOVE his glasses. I think he looks cute in them *ahem* I mean sexy. He looks sexy in them :)

I really do love the glasses though. I was always a sucker for smart, nerdy guys. And of course I think he's hot as well so the nerdy-cute look I'm really REALLY liking.

BUT I want our kids to inherit my eyes. I do have perfect vision and never had to wear braces. So I guess I want them to have my teeth as well...but his brains. Actually, scratch that, I'll love them no matter what (and will plan on having good health coverage).

FYI: Still not planning on the kiddos yet so I hope this post doesn't mislead anyone.