Monday, September 30, 2013

Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

IM HAVING A SON!! My little girl is actually a little boy and I couldn't be more thrilled about this!

Ever since I was a teenager (17 to be exact) I had said that I wanted boys: 2 boys and a girl to be exact. When we first found out we were having a girl I was thrilled about dressing her up and teaching her how to be a strong and independent woman. I anticipated emotional breakdowns and drama (just like every little girl goes through) and knew that this would be a new adventure for me (I grew up with brothers so girls are a little foreign to me) but then when the utrasound tech told me "So you're having a boy" I about died from shock. The rest of the utrasound went by in a blurr as I forced myself to rewrite my future with a son.

20 weeks, Baby! (taken Sept 24th)  I'm finally over half way!

A Son. I was growing my son. My own mini Tristin, who would also have bits and pieces of me but was sure to have his dads good nature, was growing inside of me!

Look how beautiful my little man is! And I'll be the first one to tell you how much I didn't get the big deal about these ultrasounds. "They're really weird black and white pictures of what resembles a baby," Id' think. NOW I get it!
Oh how I love him already! And even as I sit typing this he's kicking inside of me! Saturday morning I woke up at 4am for my early morning latrine visit. While doing so I had woken up Sylar and Baby Boy Roney. When I got back into bed not only did I receive morning kicks from my little man but Silly Boy Sylar came to cuddle up next to me and my kicking belly. So there I lay, 4:30am with Tristin quietly sleeping next to me, a baby kicking me and a cat's sacrum stuck up in my ribs and thought to myself "I LOVE my three boys! I just love them!".

What a lucky woman I am. I can't wait to give my little man endless hugs and kisses and squeeze him until he becomes a part of my skin (JK-that would be child abuse).

I love this little face of his! I cant wait to see it!

Yep, that is DEFINITELY a boy!

Yummy arms for me to squeeze and kiss all over!

and don't forget those cute legs and feet!! I can't wait for him to be here in my arms!