Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Its Birthday Time, Baby!

YES... It truly IS the most wonderful time of the year! December is my FAVORITE month because not only do we celebrate Christmas, but Tristin and I get to celebrate BOTH our birthdays and our wedding anniversary! (yay us!)

December 10th I turned 23! My birthday was a BLAST! No joke, I felt like I was a little kid again playing games and getting spoiled! After work I got home and saw these beautiful flowers waiting for me with a Charades Card attached to it saying "Give this to Nicholas or Dimitri to act out where the next clue is!" It was a Charades Treasure hunt which I learned I was pretty bad at. Bodily actions can be so ambiguous sometimes!

Sona also made me a Carrot Souffle (to substitute for a birthday cake) which was to DIE FOR! Sadly I ate most of it. Poor thing didn't even have a chance

*thank you, Sona*

Later that night we went to the Ward Christmas program which was STUNNING! My very good friend, Rebecca, put pretty much the entire thing together and on the back of all the Christmas Programs she printed this:

"And last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Juanique. I love you. thanks for giving up your birthday night for my program."

That in itself was a great birthday gift

Sunday morning (yes, the celebrations keep going on) we had a Birthday Breakfast with our Colorado families: the Gourgouris's and McDonalds. I'm not joking when I say my birthday celebrations were so much fun. Everyone made me feel really special and loved. and just when I was starting to think I was getting to old to really enjoy birthdays. Tristin and I are so blessed to have surrogate families out here that really feel like true-blood family to us.

Then finally, today (Tuesday) was Tristin's Birthday. Happy Birthday, babe!

The Gourgouris's took he and I out to dinner to celebrate where Tristin got sung to while wearing a sombrero

When we got home he too had a treasure hunt but instead of acting, he was given clues that he had to figure out, ie:
The princess could still feel that pea, no matter how many they stacked up of me!

Answer: A Mattress!

...and that's where the next clue would be! (This is definitely a tradition I'm gunna do with my kids. It's so much fun having to search for your birthday gift than it is to just be given it)

*make sure to watch for Nicholas's classic facial expressions in the pictures! He managed to photo-bomb practically all of them.

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful birthday wishes and gifts! We had such fun on our birthdays!