Monday, September 21, 2009

Rock cllimbing Rocks!

Excuse my cheesy pun.

Back in the day when Tristin and I were uber cool, we'd rock climb A LOT. But now we're grown up and have to be something called "responsible". Being responsible is overrated in my opinion. If you've never been climbing before, you should try it. Go to your nearest climbing gym and just do it. It's an awesome sport that is highly addicting.

A client of mine found out that I enjoyed rock climbing and told me that she had a son who is an avid rock climber. I told her that I'd be willing to trade massages if he and his girlfriend were willing to take us rock climbing with them. They were up for the trade and so yesterday was my first time rock climbing out doors (I've only done indoor). I figured it would be similar to indoor until I remembered that the hand holds in the gym are bright neon colors where as the hand holds outdoors all look the brown and gray rock.

It was lots of fun though. Tristin and I had a blast even with the few issues we faced, such as the freezing cold wind (we didn't plan well for cold weather) and just how soft we'd become (we no longer have calluses on our hands to protect us from the sharp, rocky edges). We were just elated when we were done, though. It was just so much fun. However, I'd never realized just how scared of heights I was until I started to look around me while clinging to the face of a mountain with my only security being a rope tied to my harness. I found myself tugging on it just to make sure I was tied in properly.

Hopefully in the near future we will be able to fit rock climbing gym passes into our budget so we can do this more than just once a year. Thanks Neely and Seth for taking us with you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nothing new, Nothing old

As I glanced over our blog today I realized it was looking rather dull and abandoned, so I though, "hmmmm....maybe I should do an update." Yes, I'm full of mind-blowing revealations lately. To tell the truth, there isn't much to update on. We don't have kids to motivate us to become camera-happy, we have no pets to obsess over (we tried that route and lets say we did an absolute mess of a job by losing our animals after 4 days. (I'm demoting myself to a rock again), and we are both so busy throughout the week to do anything exciting and far too exhausted trying to catch up from what was missed during the week to do anything extraordinary on our weekends. I dare say we are leading lives of mediocracy as of now (is that even a word?). But even in these times of uneventful days life has been going for us and changing every so slightly so I'll fill you in on the small details of it all.... that's if you're still reading this blog post.

Tristin started his program on the 17th of August. He seems to be loving the program and always talks about how cool the people in his groups are. Although he has about 1-2 classes a day he spends the rest of his spare time reading the assignments (He probably has about 20 books to read through this semester). 2 weeks ago (the 28th-30th of Aug), Tristin left me to go on a weekend retreat up in the mountain somewhere. it's mandatory for the entire class to go. It was the first time in 3 years that we had been parted from one another. I did not take well to this because on the first day of him being gone I got sick. So my weekend was entertained by Jane Austen movies, cleaning frantically and feeling a tad bit sorry for myself. I don't do "alone" very well.

Other than retreat, he's just busy busy busy. I'm sure he can give you more juicy details of what he's learning and what his epiphanies have been as of late.

OH I forgot to talk about the bunnies! A few weeks ago we were given 2 little bunny rabbits. Tristin named the one El Diablo (meaning "The Devil") and I named the smaller one Luna. Rabbits aren't very loving animals at first but they can learn to be. So we were in the process of training them to be loving and be potty trained....that is until one day we came home and their cage had been opened and they ran away. We had them for only 4 days. I I feel like this month is my unlucky one. Lets hope this bad luck runs out by the time October rolls by.

As for me.....I work.....I clean......I read.....I try to sleep sometimes.....yup, that's it. OH, I'm learning to cook! Big shock, I know! Try not to fall out of your seat, mom! I'm also learning a ton of new and really amazing things from work. Sometimes I think my head will explode from the info overload....then I have those days when I think it already has. Either that or I suffer from prolonged brain-fog.
Also, A few weeks ago I was called to be a Young Womens adviser in our ward so I've really really been enjoying that. I'll plan my lesson, thinking it's going to be an awesome lesson and realize that what I planned and what I had talked to them about were two completely different things. You never know where a lesson will go with 12/13 year old girls. They are so fun and I adore them. I miss being in Young womens. I miss being a young woman. :P

People who know me well will be pleased to hear that I've set a goal for chocolate. Again mom, try not to fall out of your seat! I'm a HUGE (HUGE is an understatement) chocolate addict. It's my kryptonite, my chink in my armor, my skeleton in my closet. I was doing so well for a long time. I was clean of chocolate for 3 weeks....and then the weekend hit and I went to walmart and bought a box of Jr Mints. My initial intention was to eat only 5 of the chocolate covered mints and give the rest to my class on Sunday but I think someone kidnapped my shopping cart because by the time I got to the cash register the box was empty. I took my class carrot sticks instead.

(Maybe I should write all this in a diary instead of a blogpost). I guess this is what happens when I have nothing useful to blog about. You get a lot of verbal diarrhea

Any how, thats about it for Colorado. I'm sure Tristin will post something more interesting and FAR more insightful than what I just gave you today. His program is very unique and interesting. I love hearing about it when he shares things he's learning or reading about.

So that's about it. We miss you all. Hope life it being good to you.