Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oooooh....I'm THAT Relative

Last week Wednesday we moved into our BEAUTIFUL home and couldn't be happier! I LOVE the place... as in LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's just to die for! It's the perfect size, not too big or too small, it's gorgeous on the inside and outside, it's new and it's in a wonderful location!

On Sunday I unpacked the very last box (yes, it only took me 5 days to unpack EVERYTHING! We were really motivated to get peace and order in our lives again...this is also the first time in 2.5 years that T and I are finally living on our own again). I'll take pictures as soon as all my decorations on the wall are up...I haven't quite decided which pictures should go where yet and putting unnecessary holes in the wall will drive me crazy.

 However, I had a fun interaction the other day with Conryd that I wanted to share. On Tuesday I was at my folks house when my brother came in and said to me:
  C-Yoh, have you seen that relative of ours on facebook? The crazy one?
 J- Who? 
C-You know, the one that keeps posting all the pictures of her cat. The crazy cat lady.  It's all she ever does 
*my first thoughts were, "REALLY? who is this, I wanna talk cats with her!" Then I realized he was talking about me to which I responded*
 J-I know right? She's nuts! Her cat is all she can think about! I mean seriously, why is she so obsessed about her cat!?

(Answer: Ummm... BECAUSE HE'S AWESOME!!!!)

 Yeah, apparently I'm THAT relative, the one with the cat fetish who only posts stuff about her cat these days.
As I was heading out the door:
C-Say hi to your cats for me
J-Cat. Singular. Not plural!
C- For now...

 Sylar has been a HOOT! We absolutely LOVE HIM!! The first few days were rough however. We closed our door at night so we could rest peacefully....which didn't happen. He would cry and whine and scratch at the door for HOURS! then when I'd get up to console him he'd start biting me and meowing even louder to show his annoyance. One morning we found a boxed shredded to bits right outside our door. His food and water were also spilled all over the place. Is this how cats have tantrums?

After day 4 we decided to leave our bedroom and closet door open (he likes to sleep up in the closet ontop of our socks and silky clothes). Amazingly enough he was very quiet and has been ever since. Now he will just lay quietly at the end of the bed until we wake up. As soon as we start stirring he comes meowing.

 WE JUST LOVE HIM! And how could you NOT love this Handsome guy!

He loves to walk up and down those railings. He's only fallen off once (poor guy). Hopefully I'll get video of him walking it some time :P

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Rantings of a Tired Woman

(I woke up early this morning and couldn't go for my run because the noise from the treadmill would wake up the house, so I wrote this blogpost instead. I may regret writing it later, we'll see. It's still too early to be fully coherent)

Life can be hard when you love something you're suppose to hate. Here's what I'm talking about.

You see, I LOVE this song. No seriously, I REALLY LOVE this song:

 But here's the problem. I HATE the part where he says, "let me love you until you learn to love yourself". The angry feminist in me stops and say, "Hold the phone...did I really just hear those words?!"

For 3 years I taught the Young Women in my ward! I LOVED these girls like they were my own flesh and blood and when I prepared their lessons, the 3 things I always tried to emphasis were:

1-Their divine individuality. They should never be scared to be who they truly are. Heavenly Father ADORES them and made them PERFECTLY. They are already perfect
2-Their divine inner strength as women
3-how important and what an honor it is to be a STRONG and INDEPENDENT women

So when I hear words saying, "let me love you until you learn to love yourself" I want to yell back at my Iphone, "No! They should learn to love themselves before anyone else loves them, Ne-Yo". You think he can hear me?

So all my ladies out there, before I go for my morning run and listen to this song (maybe 3 times because it's got the perfect beat to run to, lets be honest), remember, there is nothing more sexy and attractive than a woman who loves and respects herself.

Ne-yo got it right with this song, however.

I still love you, Neyo, but I love myself more :P

(K-Everyone is now awake so I can use the treadmill now. Goodbye)

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Moving into our house in less than a week! (YAY)
Started crafting! (What the?? Who have I turned into!?)
Chopped my hair off. (Identity crisis maybe?)
Brother from Australia is coming this weekend! (UBER HAPPINESS!)
Back in the day when I had hair

Things are happening people! Things. Are. Happening. There is a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and I'll start by saying how grateful I am for my hubster! He's incredible! Actually he transcends incredible!
I love you babe!

 Pictures to follow soon
PS: I've deactivated my Facebook account. I'll be back during Christmas sometime. So please don't think I have some weird grudge against you...I don't

Monday, November 5, 2012

Our First Child!!!

I was going to title this blog post, "We're Expecting!" but thought that would be cruel to whom ever really DID care about our baby life.

HOWEVER...We are expecting to pick up our first child in 2 weeks and let me tell you, it's ALL Tristin and I can think about!

World, meet Sylar, our beautiful Savannah kitty! And yes, he IS names after this guy

For 4 years Tristin and I have been PINING for a Bengal or Savannah cat but the opportunity never cleared its way for us until this past Friday night when I was cruising the net looking for breaders in Utah that were selling Bengal kittens. Somehow I stumbled across Sylars advertisment and told Tristin that we had to inquire if this lady was REALLY selling her Savannah and WHY!

Turns out Sylar is not only a character but HATES it when his family is gone for long periods of time. His mom right now is gone 12 hours a day and Sylar despises that and gives her an earful every time she comes home. In conclusion his owner said she just wants him to go a a good and deserving home where he'd get lots of attention (something he'd never lack between the two of us).

Before going in to meet Sylar I ask Tristin if we should have a sign or code indicating that we liked him or not. Turns out as we walked through the door and were greeted by this HUGE and GORGEOUS cat we instantly looked at each other and said, "We'll take him!"

Sylar is PURRRFECT! Loves to play, loves to talk to you, is mischevious, independent, yet needy and is just SUCH a character! We can't wait to pick him up and take him to our new home in 2 weeks!

Our Roney family is growing!  Yay Team Roneys!

A Teeny Bit More Halloweeny

Fact: I'm not a Halloween type of person.
Fact: Tristin LOVES Halloween. I'm sorry babe. I'm a terrible wife for not making this holiday more real.

 You see, Im more of a Guy Fawkes Day kinda gal! (if you haven't watched V for Vendetta, do yourself a favor and put that DVD in your player!) BTW, HAPPY GUY FAWKES DAY everyone.

Remember remember the fifth of November. The Gun powder Treason and plot. I don't see why the fifth of November should ever be forgot.

Back to Halloween. October was a blast! It was like one long Halloween party weekend after weekend. And I've GOTTA show you the 3 (YES 3!) outfits my brother did this year for Halloween. His Halloween enthusiasm makes up for my lack thereof.

Three weekends ago was Conryd's Zombie race in Sandy, UT. You can either run this 5k as a human or a Zombie. Of course he picked zombie (why is my family obsessed with Zombies?) Get this: he did his own make-up! AMAZING right?

He's the infected dude on the right.
The next weekend (the 27th), Tristins cousins and siblings had a Murder Mystery dinner, Circus style! Here I actually DID dress up for my part (barely). I was Skylar Topplett, tight Rope artist extraordinaire. Tristin was Rob (Forget his last name), the dude who catches the trapeze artists. 

Best thing about dressing up for this dinner? We both got to wear sexy tights!! And both pairs were mine :P

I tried REALLY hard to get him to lose the green shorts so he could show off his sexy legs...he refused :(
 That same weekend Conryd had a halloween party he went to and showed up like this! He also won Best Costume (for obvious reasons)

The day before Halloween Tristins family and I went to Lindon to ride the String Town Haunted Express Train. Basically this family in Utah put this massive train ride together that goes inbetween several homes in the neighborhood. They have 300 volunteers from their ward help out at this event dressed up as ghouls and goblins, witches, creatures, make up name it! And its a FREE ride (only cost us 2 hours of waiting in line. Trust me, it was worth the experience!!)

While waiting in line the kids could play games, get scared by the characters, etc. We also had the opportunity to take a picture with Jack Sparrow.

The ride was incredible! Try it out next year! you won't regret it, I promise!

On Halloween we didn't do much other than have a Haloweeny dinner with Tristin's family. Kim always put on an amazing dinner and dresses up as a witch. Prior to dinner I went over to see Conryd, Aly and Evans costumes.

Aly, I hope you don't mind me posting these pictures...
Isn't that incredible? And Evan is the cutest bunny I've ever seen!!! My urges to want to eat him alive still prevail. 

And last but not least (no, the fun isn't over just yet!), we had our Zombie chase this past weekend!! It was incredible! Here we DID get chased by zombies. And not just any zombies, but the BYU track and cross country team zombies!

I was determined to not get "infected" and run the hardest I'd ever run. Prior to the race everyone gets a flag. If a zombie chases you down and catches your flag you are infected and get an infected shirt at the end of the race. I WAS NOT going to get caught.

the beginning was intense! everyone was huddled together on this teeny tiny path. Trying to pass people was impossible for the first 5 minutes. 

I was 5 feet from the finish line and still had my flag in possession....until a zombie sprinted past me and snatched it from my waste band! FIVE FEET!!!!! FIVE STINKING FEET!!!! I was SO TICKED! I heard several people groan when they had witnessed my flag getting stolen. 

Infected or not I still got a great time of 23:30 for the 5k! It almost makes up for getting infected. 

And I guess the infected shirts are pretty cool too!

Hope you all had a magical Halloween!