Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cayman Brain

Taking 2 weeks to write this post must only mean one thing...I've still got Cayman Brain.
Def. of Cayman Brain: A viral pathogen transmitted by sunlight, only found in the Cayman Islands, affecting the thalamic cortex of the brain and causing random bouts of laziness, sluggish thought processes, and the occasionally urge to want to do absolutely nothing but find some sunshine, water, and a good book to veg out with.

Cayman was wonderful as always. Pictures speak a thousand words, which is great because I don't really have much to say about the vacation other than it was super. It was awesome. It was super awesome.

(Yes, I got sick the last 2 days there, but that was minor compared to the other 5 days).

Cayman Pic 1

I had to dedicate an entire collage to Ophelia because she kept me entertained ALL WEEK long! Man, that little girl is too cute for words and she just LOVES to swim! Taking her away from the pool was like taking away the oxygen from her lung!
All week long she kept calling me "Tistin" (Tristin), because she couldn't say "Juanique". I guess she associated me with Tristin because everytime he's around her, I am as well. However by Saturday she finally called me "WoWheat" (Juanique). YAY!

I also couldn't resist putting this video up of her! She's so goofy I wanna eat her alive!!

Cayman Pic 2

I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of it but on Friday we saw a tornado touch ground over 7 Mile Beach. I'm sure it wasn't anything terribly powerful and damaging but it was unbelievable cool to see. It started off as a teeny tine funnel and from that kept getting bigger and bigger. Brienne took some pictures of it so hopefully I can steal some pictures from her and put them up here in the future!

Cayman Pic 3

And last but not least I CANNOT BELIEVE I DIDN'T GET ANY PICTURES OF STINGRAY CITY! ARGH!!! Luckily, I DID get a small video of it. I think I was tired of playing photographer by day 3 in Cayman and so stopped taking pictures, which I now regret (Stupid Cayman Brain!!!) Hopefully the video will be enough...

It's been swell Cayman. Hopefully we'll see you again next year!