Thursday, March 31, 2011



8lbs 1.3oz! He's a big fellow!

He's so beautiful! I just got a picture this morning of him while I was driving and I couldn't stop starring...and then I couldn't stop crying! So I drove while looking at my phone and crying the entire way from the Chiropractors office to home!

I don't know details YET but as soon as I do I'll post them. All I know is that he had Aly's Asian eyes, Conryd's nose and I'm so deeply in love with this little man I could DIE!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Blog, Baby

Round two!

Maybe some of you might remember that I tried to start a health blog 2 years ago and fail miserably at it. Well here I go again. I come across far too many good articles, recipes and health tips that I can't stand not documenting them in an orderly fashion OR sharing them.

So I'd like you to meet

( was taken)
New Health and Hope was inspired because I work on and with so many people who are finding it hard to get good health recipe ideas, health information or just support with their nutrition goals. Sometimes its SUCKS to try and eat healthily when everyone around you is eating what ever they want. I hope that I can provide people with enough health food tips, ideas and recipes that are easy and tasty...
...because lets be honest, if it's not easy or tasty I DON'T do it!Its as simple as that

So if you have any healthy tips, questions, comments or complains, please DO share them. I'm willing to learn more and share more with who ever wants to know.

PS: it's still pretty new so I'm in the process of transferring a lot more recipes, health articles and other stuff on there. If you have stuff you think should go on there too, let me know or email them to me!

Happy eating!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Love my Blood

Found this song on my bestest's blog and HAD to share it. No, I may not be black (although it'd be a lot cooler if I was) but I'm still African...the culture's still in my blood

PS:My Citizenship paperwork is a Go...all that's left if the US History exam and interview. Never thought this day would come. Very bitter sweet! I never thought the next time I'd be back in SA I'd be an American citizen.


Now, more than ever, I feel like when I DO become a mother, I'm going to SUCK at it!

For 10 days Tristin and I were asked to house sit a friends house. Along with this house, we were asked to keep alive (and happy) 2 beautiful dogs.

They are BIG dogs. The biggest things I've ever had to keep alive, besides Tristin.

Meet Bella and Whiskey

They are a cute handful and a half.

Pro's about babysitting these guys:
-they are cute and cuddly

Con's about babysitting these guys:
-They are a nightmare to walk: is it possible to get tangled up in 2 leases and trip? YES

-They are needy: I never know if I'm giving them enough attention or not. I tell them to use their people words but they don't. Kind of inconvenient. I don't know what you need unless you TELL ME.

-They find the worst things to eat: Whiskey got into my purse and ate saran wrap. Bella knows how to "counter surf"... She'll jump up on the counters and grab our food. Just today I got home to find my sweet potatoes in the living room and Tristin's liquorish had be devoured with the box shredded on the kitchen floor (poor thing didnt have a chance).

-Dogs are needy: I can't stand the puppy eyes. It gets me every time! They'll put their heads on your lap and whine.

-I now have an audience when I eat: No meal is alone these days. I have two pairs of eyes watching me eat now. Simply delightful!

-I now watch everywhere I walk: you never know if you're going to kick a dog or two.

How do you find the extra time, love, and attention to give to these guys? And they aren't even HUMAN!!
Don't get me wrong, they are a delightful bunch and a lot of fun. However, the next pet I get will be a rock or plant. Maybe I'll go crazy and get one of each.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bucket List

As I drove 8 hours to Utah yesterday, I meditated on a few things I wanted out of life before any kiddos came into it. Don't get me wrong, I DO want kids sometime soon in the future, but I still have some things I need to do to feed my inner-child....So I came up with a very sort bucket list.

1)Run a 10k. If I do that successfully, then a half marathon BABY!
I used to run almost every day and was in great shape. We then moved to Colorado and that was the end of my healthy streak (and a little bit of my sanity). I want that back SO BAD!
I've been reading Born to Run and feel like I'm now at a point in my life where I feel more empowered than ever! As I was talking to my dad about this he started to share stories with me when he ran the Comrades Marathon (a 55 Mile race in South Africa) 3 FREAKING TIMES!
What the What!!
Those Africans are CRAZY. man!!

OK seriously, I know that kind of athletic ability is in me somewhere! After all, I AM his child! I'm gunna go find out if it's still in me!

Dad, you're my hero!

2) Go overseas
Tristin and I are planning on traveling as soon as he's done with his schooling in Colorado. Wanna know where we wanna go?
Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
Hopefully we can make this dream real by next year. We may have to sell a car or two....we'll see.

3) Go Sky diving
Why wouldn't I wanna do this? It would be like the Tower of Terror on Meth! Heck yeah that's on my bucket list!

So there we have it. And I feel like if I write this out publicly, I'll be that much more driven to do it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Boys Life

Boys. I will never understand them but at least they always make me laugh! I hope I have boys some day!

PS:Make sure your speakers are on high so you can hear them. Trust me, you don't wanna miss this :)
PPS:Yes, they were at it for 15 minutes

Never a dull moment...