Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SA part 1: Cape Town

Blogging about our SA trip seems less daunting when I think of doing it in segments. There's just SO much to post that I figured, "Why not give each location it's own blog post, Right?"

Here goes (Get ready for a Picture induced coma):

Friends, meet the most beautiful place on Earth!

Welcome to Cape Town (Afrikaans: Kaapstad)

Day 1: May 31st. After two days of traveling, we found our hotel (in a daze, mind you), bought a cell phone and food, ate, walked on the pier at the beach front and then slept
Cape Town from the airplane. After 32 hours of flying and lay overs, 4 hours of that actually being sleep, I was conscious enough to wake up and take this picture as we were flying in. 

Pier overlooking the Atlantic. Don't they look hot for 2 days of travel? 2 mins away was our hotel.
Day 2: June 1st, The party begins...

With a run! You bet I'm getting my butt out of bed to enjoy this view (K, I'd been up since 1am that morning -stupid time zones- so I guess I didn't have to really "get my butt out of bed"). Even though I'd slept 10 hour in 3 days, I wasn't missing this for anything!

We then met up with one of my best friends, Kerri (We'd been friends since standard 6 -grade 8-) and lived it up like tourists. First stop...TABLE MOUNTAIN!

T-Dawg, me and Kerri Berry!

On Top of Table Mountain! Why are all my best friends so short?!

Us :)

Lions Head to the Right (You'll see why it's called that soon)

Isn't it stunning?

Myself, Tristin, Mom (Cecilia), and dad (Errol)

K-This guy HIKES up Table Moutain 2x a week to play his hand made Xylophone (for money) that his friend from Zimbabwe made for him (wow-So surprised I remember that story being jet lagged and all). Not gunna lie, having background music while we explored Table Mountain was great!

Still don't know to this day: Real or tourist attraction...?

After Table Mountain we went to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. It's the city's most visited tourist attractions and shopping venue. If you see any movie that is filmed in Cape Town, you'll most likely get glimpses of this place (Ie: Blood Diamond....Look for this place next time you watch that movie. It's also a brilliant movie!)

First you see her...

....Now you don't...

....Hey, where did she go?!?!

Sleep deprived AND pumped with caffeine...we had to amuse ourselves some how!

Inside one of the malls was this guy! Not to be mistaken for the Real Deal however! Which is too bad he wasn't. Nelson's my HERO! Seriously, I LOVE the guy! In my mind, he's one of the greatest people to walk the earth today!

Yes-I'm a WAY I was actually gunna touch the statue!

That evening we hooked ourselves up with a boat tour from the Waterfront to...somewhere in the ocean where we could see the entirety of Cape Town light up. We had the choice of picking a really nice yacht to take us out....or  ride the TOTALLY AWESOME and gaudy Pirate Ship! Umm.....YOU BET I'm picking the Pirate Ship, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!  I did not fly half way around the world to travel on something ordinary.
Pirate Ship it was!! :D

Waiting for the Pirate Party to get started!

Ahhh...there was our man of the hour. Kept us entertained ALL evening!

Daddy and me. Background you see Table Mountain (it's in the center...only mountain that's FLAT like a table) and Lions Head to the far right.  See how that mountain looks like the profile of a lion lying down?

Lions Head in the background

Can you tell I was NOT photographer for this hour of the trip?

Cape Town...and squall in the far distance...hence the ominous clouds. They had to cut our boat tour a little short due to the storm. 

The gang

Cape Town.

K- HOW BEAUTIFUL is this woman? I mean, really?! almost 62 and as stunning as ever! We could be passed of as sisters!!

Night time. A sight for sore eyes!

And that's it folks! Good night Waterfront! Catcha lata!
Day 3: June 2nd, Cape Point.

Cape Point is where the Indian ocean meet the Atlantic ocean. It's also the most south western point of the African continent.
After a 2-3 hour scenic drive we'd finally arrived at the point and allowed our anxious feet to explore. Look at what we found:

That's the point. To the left is the Indian Ocean and to the Right is the Atlantic Ocean.  And luck for us,  we got to see some whales swimming just behind us. 

Meet the dassies. They are like over grown hamsters and as tranquil as koalas.

After gallivanting along the cape's shore, we met up with Kerri and her folks for a good ol' fashioned Braai (AKA: SA BBQ). I also got to meet Ditch, the cat...and wear a weird hat.  

Day 3: June 3rd, Stellenbosh

After church (Yes, we still went to church...and fought sleeping through it the entire time...jet lag is a pain!!) Kerri came and "kidnapped" Tristin and I and took us to see the town of Stellenbosh and some of the wine lands.

First stop, town. HAD to stop in at Vida E Cafe for shakes! Mmm mmm mmm....

And this is NOT real laundry! It took me 10 minutes to convince the others that it was just decoration!

Wine land...and pretty mountains...isn't is just breathe taking??

Two of my favorite people at one of my favorite types of places...a farmers market! Have I ever mentioned how much I love farmers markets?!

So we stopped off at this restaurant because we just HAD to get their famous virgin Daiquiri' be honest, they taste like strawberry slushies....still good though.

Tristins "visionary" face....

Yes, the food was that good that he HAD to be tied to the chair and hand fed so he wouldn't go BALISTIC and tear up the place.

Stellenbosh was amazing! One more day's worth of installments left then our Cape Town Chapter is over...but I will have to finish it tomorrow coz I didn't realize how long this would take me to do and I gotta work tomorrow.

So until tomorrow...Hamba Kahle

...K I'm back to the blogisphere and back to day 4, so...

Day 4, June 4th, Robben Island

This tour was amazing! Actually, beyond amazing. Not only did I get to see where Nelson Mandela lived for 25 years (I haven't even been ALIVE for 25 years! WOWZERS!) of his life but hearing the stories about him just made me fall in love with the guy! Did I mention how much I like Mr Nelson? It's a whole lot~

Here we are ON the island facing Cape Town and Table Mountain

This picture epitomizes one of my worst nightmares ...germs and VERY public public toilets

Can you imagine living in THIS for 25 years? Yes, that IS a bed, folks!!

Leaving the island

Me and the Madre...with wild hair :)

After our Robben Island trip we stopped off at one of the Waterfront Restaurants for the famous Fish and was AMAZING! I LOVE Cape fish! and I also LOVE vinegar with my chips! Go ahead, judge me! But all the foreigners are doing it too so I'm not that weird!

To close our Cape Townian trip, we drove up to Signal Hill (a famous overlook) and marveled at the views.
Our studly gang

More of US

Robben Island in the distance

Table Mt and Lions Head

Cape Town...again
Did I like Cape Town? No, I LOVED it! If I could, I'd move there in a heartbeat! I'm sure it's got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. And it also helps that I know the language and the culture so it penetrates me that much more!

I'll be back for you, Kaapstad!