Sunday, February 6, 2011


So, I did it you guys! It's done. I grew some guts and stood my ground!

I quit my secure job to pursue something that was exciting and terrifying at the same time!

I became my own boss! WHY? And WHAT THE H*** was I thinking?
Because being your own boss is WAY better than being bossed around. Also because I realized that the perpetual headaches, bimonthly migraines, and severe body aches were directly correlated to my stress levels...something had to give.
There was a reason as to why all these health issues would go away when ever we visited Utah. It was far to consistent to be coincidental!

So I created (with Tristin) Soulistique! I took a leap of faith, closed some doors in my life, allowed for new ones to open and now I am the proud (and terrified) owner of Soulistique Bodywork!

What is my plan now? Well:
1) I've started my practice already. My website is
2) spoken with a local Dr's office who is contracting me on as their new massage therapist in their office (how we crossed paths was a miracle in itself!! I'm telling you, doors are opening!), and
3) for one week out of every month I'll be traveling down to Utah to work on patients as well as do some business with my mom's company as I try to promote her products here in Colorado.

So if you, or anyone you know, want to get bodywork done while I'm in town, let me know and we can arrange that!

"Trust more, fear less". I've embodied this saying over the past couple of weeks.

Yes, I know it's going to be hard and slow in the beginning, Yes, I know it's going to be tough, BUT I think my health, happiness, and sanity are well worth it! Don't you?

WISH US LUCK! (and your prayers are always nice as well)

Love, Juanique Tristin

*Below is my flier that I designed for my GRAND OPENING! Hope you like!