Sunday, October 23, 2011

Its a Freakin' Pain in My...

...TOOTH! (You thought I was going to say something else, didn't you?)
HOLY COW!  If I never saw another antibiotic pill or bottle of Vicodin, it would be too soon!  To say I hate all things pertaining to teeth and dentistry would be putting it lightly. Why, do you ask? Here's why. Are you ready for a tedious story? 
I promise I'll reward you with cute pictures and videos of This guy at the end of this post to make it worth while

5 years ago marked the beginning of the end for a particular molar in my mouth. I had a root canal performed on it 5 years ago. One year ago I had tooth ache in my tooth that had said root canal (which is funny because a root canal is suppose to get rid of the ROOT OF THE TOOTH and therefore rid of all pain. Ironic!). Turns out the moron who did my root canal botched it so I was advised to take antibiotics for the root infection and go to a specialist who fixes messed root canals.
Specialists=special surgeries=lots of money=SCARY=not so enthused Juanique.
You can see why I didn't rush to go see a specialist...

Now back to present day/year:

One month ago my root canal tooth started to hurt again. I went to my friends husband (who's a dentist and probably the only person I'd ever trust to work on me because I hate all things pertaining to dentists) who said the same thing to me, "Take antibiotics for the tooth infection and go see a Specialist. Also, here's some vicodin for the pain". 
Pain?? Tooth pain couldn't be THAT  bad, right? What on earth would I need vicodin for?

Round 2 of Antibiotics....done. 
Tooth pain? Gone. 
Juanique=Happy!!! Bye bye specialist. No pain means no problem in my world, right??
2 weeks later-Tooth pain! At this point I'm swearing like a South African Sailor and completely ticked that I have to undergo ROUND 3 of Antibiotics for this freaking tooth! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? How could one stupid tooth that was suppose to be fixed 5 years ago, cause me so many issues?

So I finally swallow my pride, suppress my fears (I HATE DENTISTS!!) and email the endodontist/specialist who also happens to be my Bishop. He emails back and says "Get an appointment to see me ASAP!!". Unfortunately I was scheduled to work in Utah when he said I needed to get in so I scheduled with him a week out. How much bad could come from one weeks wait? After all, I HAD been dealing with this tooth problem for about a year  and have come out unscathed. What's the worst that could happen? 

Present week:
Utah trip was a success. I was busy busy busy. Took my antibiotics like a good girl BUT for some reason my tooth pain slowly got worse....and worse....and worse. In my mind I'm thinking, "Well this hasn't ever happened before? I'm sure it'll go away like the other times so I'm OK".

It did not go away like the other fact, it did the opposite.

In my desperation I took out my orange bottle of vicodin and stared at it for the longest time. "Do I give in or do I sleep this pain off?" By nature, I'm not a huge fan of pain killers to begin with so to give in would mean to go against all my moral codes I've instilled in my brain. Sadly, pain overruled my code-of-ethics and I gave into vicodin

Vicodin-1   Juaniques code of ethics-0

THEN last night happened. Oh heaven I wish I could forget it!!
1:30am- I wake up and my whole mouth is throbbing from pain! Of course I panic. I've never experienced this in my entire life. Worse case scenarios are running through my mind like:
"My whole head is infected"
"my brain might have an infection from this!"
"OH NO, will I need to go to the emergency room?"
"This isn't going to kill me is it? OH HELL it is!!!"
"My vicodin isn't strong enough, WHAT DO I DO?!"
"They're probably going to have to take out several teeth and part of my bone now!"

Yeah, sleepless Juanique=Ludicrous Juanique. What does Juanique, who is intoxicated with fear, go and do? She calls her friend and her friends husband (who's the dentist) at 1:30am to find out if she's going to live or die!

Long story short, turns out I'm going to live and I just need to wait for the Vicodin to kick in. I'm not going to get a brain infection or loose multiple teeth. Be grateful that you aren't my friend who has a dentist for a husband although my friend, Rebecca, whom I called, was very sweet and loving and supportive over the phone with me at 1:30am. She's an angel! I don't know what I would have done without her and her husbands kindness. I probably would have walked over to the Boulder Hospital and checked myself in. She told me to ask Tristin for a priesthood blessing and then try and get some sleep. It was the right advise at the right time. Both worked miracles for me

After hanging up with her I realized just how crazy I had been to actually call someone at 1;30 in the morning about a stupid tooth pain!

Vicodin-2   Juanique's code of ethics (and sanity)-0

So there's my mark of shame for the year of 2011. It's my equivalent to drunk dialing someone. Thank heaven it was Rebecca because I don't know if anyone else would forgive me for something like that! 

I love you, Rebecca! Thank you for all the favors you do for me! You are a true friend and Sista from another Mista!

Now as promised, here are the cute videos and pictures of Evan that I took during this trip to Utah. Aint he a Cutie-pa-Tutie?

Nanan Just LOVES Mr Evan!