Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Before South Africa...

...There was A LOT of Happenings happening:
May 12, 2012:
Tristin Arden Roney became Master Tristin Arden Roney :)

*Side note- So I realize these pics are blurry (thanks Ipad). I'll fix them when we get our computer out of a box*

Earlier that week Rick and Kim came to Boulder to celebrate this event with us. It was a good thing they did otherwise Tristin wouldn't have attended his graduation (just like when he didn't attend his undergrad graduation).
"It's just another hoop I had to jump though. Why celebrate this when I still can't do what I want to end up doing?"
....he has a point.
"I'll celebrate when I actually start counseling people in therapy sessions"
Touche, honey.
Strangly enough the weather over graduation weekend was really cold and rainy. Irregardless, we still hit up the farmers market and Pearl Street before his graduation (which was VERY entertaining. You've seen NOTHING until you attend a Naropa Graduation ceremony!! I'll see if I can upload some videos on here. Blogging from an Ipad can be difficult).

Rick, Tristin, and Kim at the Boulders Farmers Market (One of my ultimate favorite places to visit. I LOVE farmers markets! Dunno why...)

Us :)

May 13th, 2012:
Mothers Day.
On Sunday Tristin and I took Kim and Rick to the Meditation Retreat Center up at Red Feather (West of Fort Collins). Tristin spent two 1-month meditation retreats up there. It had become a sort of sacred place to him which he wanted to share with his parents. As a graduation gift all he wanted was a Mala (Hindu prayer beads) from the store up there so we bought him the one he wanted.

Look! It's the Tree Lovers I blogged about a year ago...here they are again!!

Us getting in on some of that tree lovin'

yeah, kissing around two trees can make one feel a little foolish at times

Finally embracing all the love going on up in there

Buddhist Temple at Red Feather (Dharmakaya, I think??)

Stunning view from the temple. Looking at this scenery in that moment made me realize the finality of the end of our stay in Colorado. 3 years had felt so slow and fast at the same time. I couldn't believe in that moment that our time was almost up. At first I was sad and bitter but in time I would realize that even though we were leaving the physical "realm" of Colorado, we'd take our experiences with us to a bigger an better chapter in our lives.

We were very grateful to have Rick and Kim come visit us one last time in our Colorado life. And what a beautiful life it was!

May 26th and 27th, Our final Bouldler hike and the Boulder Creek Festival:

4 days until our SA trip...we were going to make these few days before our trip count. So we did what we love more than almost everything! We hiked

Boulder Creek Festival: The PreRace

Before the Bolder Boulder (Memorial Day), Boulder has a Kick A#$ festival full of yummy foods, rides and hippies. Free entertainment and food is always a HECK YES on my list of things to do.

This is what I wish I was doing there. How awesome is that? I mean, really?

28th of May, 2012: The Bolder Boulder

OMG did I enjoy this day or what!!! Tristin and my first race together! I loved it so much I convinced him to do a Half Marathon with me!

I cant remember his time but I averaged a 8:45minute mile. Pretty chuffed with myself for only training for 3 months (after recovering from my bursitis in my left hip)

Pre Race Pics

Post race pic

Doesn't he look thrilled? Surprised he agreed to the half marathon. Actually, since the Bolder Boulder Tristin's running has improved so much I'm normally eating his dust these days! That man is kicking my TRASH with his running speed!

So that was a May I'd never forget... Our last one in Colorado. 3 years prior, Tristin and I were packing up a truck to make the long trek across the rocky mountain range to Colorado. We had NO idea what we were getting into.

Surviving our apartment floodin
Moving 4 times
Partying it up with the Gourgouris's for a year
Starting my own business
Running races together
Meditation retreats

What a trip life can be sometimes...Never a dull moment.