Sunday, October 31, 2010

Unhappy Halloween!

This is Halloween! And with it comes the ward parties, the fun costumes and the crazy house decorations!

Saturday Tristin and I helped my friend, Rebecca, set up for the Halloween Ward party. No we aren't on the activities committee but she was seriously low on helpers so we pitched in our day to help her out! The party was AMAZING! I wish I had pictures but I didn't take any! How sad is that? I DID, however, dress up for the party. I swore I wouldn't but gave in to the spirit of Halloween and asked Sona if she had any costumes lying around. she did...she had an entire closet full of costumes! In a moment of haste I picked the outfit that seemed the easiest to put on....a Devil's outfit! I had a pitchfork, horns, EVERYTHING....that I didn't take pictures of! GRRRRR....

Sunday we went with the Gourgouris's to see this one guys house which was just OUTSTANDING!! I thought I was in Disneyland! The entire cul-da-sac was completely fogged out, the detail in everything was crazy and the decorations were just creepy! Not to mention the statues that weren't really statues but little boys that would jump out at you at random moments! This house was insane!! We must have spent an hour walking around and looking at all the decorations!

We finished off the evening watching clips from The Nightmare Before Christmas and singing along to the songs.

What a fun weekend. I think this whole Halloween thing is actually growing on me. I can't wait til next year!