Monday, September 21, 2009

Rock cllimbing Rocks!

Excuse my cheesy pun.

Back in the day when Tristin and I were uber cool, we'd rock climb A LOT. But now we're grown up and have to be something called "responsible". Being responsible is overrated in my opinion. If you've never been climbing before, you should try it. Go to your nearest climbing gym and just do it. It's an awesome sport that is highly addicting.

A client of mine found out that I enjoyed rock climbing and told me that she had a son who is an avid rock climber. I told her that I'd be willing to trade massages if he and his girlfriend were willing to take us rock climbing with them. They were up for the trade and so yesterday was my first time rock climbing out doors (I've only done indoor). I figured it would be similar to indoor until I remembered that the hand holds in the gym are bright neon colors where as the hand holds outdoors all look the brown and gray rock.

It was lots of fun though. Tristin and I had a blast even with the few issues we faced, such as the freezing cold wind (we didn't plan well for cold weather) and just how soft we'd become (we no longer have calluses on our hands to protect us from the sharp, rocky edges). We were just elated when we were done, though. It was just so much fun. However, I'd never realized just how scared of heights I was until I started to look around me while clinging to the face of a mountain with my only security being a rope tied to my harness. I found myself tugging on it just to make sure I was tied in properly.

Hopefully in the near future we will be able to fit rock climbing gym passes into our budget so we can do this more than just once a year. Thanks Neely and Seth for taking us with you.