Saturday, January 30, 2010

Temporary Room Mate

I'm back to my normal routine again. Yippee! Since Tristin left I've suffered from a poisonous Cold and a fairly bitter mood. but I'm happy to say that life is now back to balance and basics after lots of Vitamin C and lots of cuddling from Sopfia. Sopfia is my temporary room mate. A friend asked me to look after her for a few days while she was out of town. I saw no harm in this. I think she's been a blessing in disguise. I have someone to dote on and give/get affection.

She's adorable but looks CAN be deceiving. Sopfia likes to attack and hiss at people. She also gets jealous if I pay attention to anything else but her.

so with my cold and bitter mood out of the way, life has actually been quite productive. I've rearranged the apartment and cleaned EVERYTHING to the point where my kitchen is sparkling thanks to my super awesome Steam-Cleaner!!! YAY for cleanliness and my temporary room mate. Life is still good and must still go on with or without Tristin. I guess I can say that I'm used to the whole, being-on-my-own thing....once again. It's quite amazing what the mind can overcome to achieve balance and piece of mind.

Pic 1: Smell the flowers

Pic 2: Explore the flowers

Pic 3: Rub the flowers
There is no picture #4 because the flowers ended up on the floor....

I bought Sopfia this Scratch Tower and sprayed cat-nip all over it so that she wouldnt scratch my couches. So far my plan has failed....She now scratches both the couches and the tower.

On a different note: As I was cleaning and rearranging things, I stumbled across this song and I'm announcing that its my new favorite. So much so that I wanted to share it! Hope you like it as well!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Higher the Climb...

Tristin came home Sunday for less than 2 days. He told me all about what he's doing, his schedule and how much he enjoys it up there. Saying goodbye this morning was absolutely dreadful. I cried all the way to work AND in front of my boss because I couldn't pull myself together in time. And my drive to work is 33 minutes!!! I'm such a baby. I think I had a massive realization that I wont talk, speak or see him for just over 2 weeks and I have no family to run away to this time because I already played that card.

But on a happier note: Tristin's having a wonderful time at his Meditation retreat and I was so excited to hear about the things he's learned and all the new insightful stuff he's experienced. I'm hoping to be lucky enough to go on a meditation retreat up at Shamala before we leave Colorado in a few years. It won't be a month long but maybe a week. He'll come with me of course. I HATE this not-getting-to-talk-to-my-husband/best-friend thing. It stupid!

I won't try to tell you all the things he's doing up there because I fear I'll taint the value of his experience. I'll leave that for him when he gets back.

However, I have made a Pros and Cons list on being "single" for this month:

  • Constantly tidy apartment. I have more time to clean and less people to clean up after
  • Exercise. I get to exercise more.
  • Making food. I hardly ever make food now. There's no point with one person. I just pick at my food every now and then
  • I dont feel guilty when I get home from work after 8pm.
  • Computer. I get to use the main computer now instead of my laptop. Having a bigger screen makes a huge difference on my eyes. Not very important, I know
  • Work. I get more of my work-work done at home.
  • Music. I get to play MY music in the apartment when ever I like
  • There's no Tristin....
The cons far outweigh the pros. And most of those pros sound like cons to me anyway.

This is going to be a very VERY long 15 days.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Tristin is now gone. Saying goodbye was not as bad as I thought because he also cried, and I don't know why but that made my sadness a little less severe. He's on his way to his Meditation retreat right now. I won't talk to him or hear from him until the 25th and then he's off again for another 2 weeks with no contact to the outside world what so ever. So I'm kind of alone. Sorta...

I'm running off to Utah for a week. I don't normally run away when faced with a problem but in this case I think I'm making a exception.

As you can tell (or may have not noticed) I've deleted the music play list from this blog.

This is why....

I need help. I don't know what my play list should be for my blog. Sad, soppy, love songs or upbeat, party, hip songs.

The reason why this is so important right now is because I'm trying to keep distracted. Tristin JUST left so this happens to be my project from now until my plane leaves at 9pm tonight. 8 hours is a long time to wait for a plane trip.....ugh.

Any suggestions??