Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Higher the Climb...

Tristin came home Sunday for less than 2 days. He told me all about what he's doing, his schedule and how much he enjoys it up there. Saying goodbye this morning was absolutely dreadful. I cried all the way to work AND in front of my boss because I couldn't pull myself together in time. And my drive to work is 33 minutes!!! I'm such a baby. I think I had a massive realization that I wont talk, speak or see him for just over 2 weeks and I have no family to run away to this time because I already played that card.

But on a happier note: Tristin's having a wonderful time at his Meditation retreat and I was so excited to hear about the things he's learned and all the new insightful stuff he's experienced. I'm hoping to be lucky enough to go on a meditation retreat up at Shamala before we leave Colorado in a few years. It won't be a month long but maybe a week. He'll come with me of course. I HATE this not-getting-to-talk-to-my-husband/best-friend thing. It stupid!

I won't try to tell you all the things he's doing up there because I fear I'll taint the value of his experience. I'll leave that for him when he gets back.

However, I have made a Pros and Cons list on being "single" for this month:

  • Constantly tidy apartment. I have more time to clean and less people to clean up after
  • Exercise. I get to exercise more.
  • Making food. I hardly ever make food now. There's no point with one person. I just pick at my food every now and then
  • I dont feel guilty when I get home from work after 8pm.
  • Computer. I get to use the main computer now instead of my laptop. Having a bigger screen makes a huge difference on my eyes. Not very important, I know
  • Work. I get more of my work-work done at home.
  • Music. I get to play MY music in the apartment when ever I like
  • There's no Tristin....
The cons far outweigh the pros. And most of those pros sound like cons to me anyway.

This is going to be a very VERY long 15 days.

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  1. ooooo I hope Tristin achieves his own personal state of Nirvana!