Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Radical license plate holder thingy

It is hard to tell with this bad picture (I didn't have time to get a better one), but the license plate cover of the car in front of me is a scrolling marquee! Good heavens that is cool! Not cool enough for me to get one, but cool enough for me to tail the guy like a stalker for about 5 minutes so I could read the whole thing. It said, "Only one more shopping day until tomorrow."

If I had one, it would probably say, "I <3 zoobies, they taste like chicken." I haven't really thought it through yet. I'm open for suggestions on something better.

The Many Utah Moods

here's a little taste of what Utah has been going through lately. We went from extreme snow, to extreme inversion, to heat, warm rains to extreme snow again. check it out...talk about schizophrenia! Make up your mind Utah! Geez! Just be summer already!