Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yes, I looked after a few kids and they lived

This weekend was dedicated to keeping 4 children alive, happy and healthy. I think I did pretty okay. They're all still alive and breathing so I consider that a job well done.

Rebecca was out of town for 3 days and asked if I could look after her kids while her and her husband were gone. I've babysat these kids quite a few times. I know them pretty much inside and out. This was SERIOUSLY the thought that went through my mind when she asked me: "Oh sure, that'll be a piece of cake".
Full Time Moms-I take my hat off to you! Kids are anything but a piece of cake when you have them full time.

So babysitting started after work on Friday, I was able to get a menu plan for the kids for the entire weekend, shop for those items and then start preparing them. This was probably one of THE hardest parts mainly because everything I bought for them to eat, I couldn't eat myself. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to prepare food you cant touch? Not fun BUT I endured it :)

Alas, the hard work really only started Saturday. During that day I cooked, clean and learned karate (yes, I did seriously learn karate). Jordan had to learn his karate steps (after about an hour of convincing him to and trying to find his karate clothes) for class via a video online. I found out that he didn't want to go to karate because he didn't feel prepared. So we were going to get him prepared then! I must have watched that video with him 20 times and memorized it so that I could go over it with him. Needless to say he was uber-confident and TOTALLY prepared for his karate class. I watched him during his class and I think he did a SPLENDID job.

After lunch I took the kids to the Rec Center to swim. On the way there Parker, who is 4, and I had this conversation:


"Yes, Parker."

"why do you live in such a small house?"

~suppressing a laugh I replied thus~

"Because, Parker, I don't have kids so I don't need a big house. When I have kids I will get a big house for them to play in."

"Oh, Ok, that makes sense. Juanique?"

"yes, Parker."

"I want to play at your house soon. Maybe we can play on the Wii"

Rachel and Aubrey helped me prepare the food throughout the day. Rachel asked me to tell her a bit about my childhood in South Africa, so I did. I told her about my best friends, growing up and about the schools, school uniforms and stuff I used to do for fun. Aubrey helped me SO much with absolutely everything. I'm pretty sure she could have tackled the kids on her own. She's the epitome of a perfect older sister!


Finding church shoes is really hard! If Aubrey wasn't helping me I would have been lost!! I walked into church (late) holding Parker,who wore no shoes, in one arm and his shoes in the other. I'm pretty sure my cheeks were bright red from embarrassment.

After church I got their lunches ready. I made sure they had at least a few veggies on their plates that they had to eat. Parker, who detests vegetables, thought he was being sneaky by taking his plate of cucumbers and carrots and dumping them in the draw in the lounge while I wasn't look. That probably explains why I kept finding random items of food throughout the house. However, I was looking....I was watching the entire thing. As soon as he looked up to see he had been caught I gave him my serious face (which was hiding my "I-want-to-crack-up-laughing" face) and asked, "Gee Parker, That wasn't very cleaver. You know you're in trouble, don't you?"


"So do you think trying to hide your food from me in the draw is going to make matters better or worse for you?"


"Okay, so what do you think you should do right now so we can make this better?"

He picked up his carrots and cucumber, put them on his plate and walked back to the table. We came to an agreement that he only had to eat 3 carrots instead of 5. Kids are SO funny!

Lastly, Parker and I had this conversation in the car:


"yes, Parker."

"I wish you were a part of our family."

I almost cried right there in the car.

I loved babysitting this weekend. It was definitely an adventure but those 4 kids were just so fun to be with! It's hard but its worth it when you love the little critters! I sure do love them, even though I make them help clean up when they don't want to :)