Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Love my Blood

Found this song on my bestest's blog and HAD to share it. No, I may not be black (although it'd be a lot cooler if I was) but I'm still African...the culture's still in my blood

PS:My Citizenship paperwork is a Go...all that's left if the US History exam and interview. Never thought this day would come. Very bitter sweet! I never thought the next time I'd be back in SA I'd be an American citizen.


Now, more than ever, I feel like when I DO become a mother, I'm going to SUCK at it!

For 10 days Tristin and I were asked to house sit a friends house. Along with this house, we were asked to keep alive (and happy) 2 beautiful dogs.

They are BIG dogs. The biggest things I've ever had to keep alive, besides Tristin.

Meet Bella and Whiskey

They are a cute handful and a half.

Pro's about babysitting these guys:
-they are cute and cuddly

Con's about babysitting these guys:
-They are a nightmare to walk: is it possible to get tangled up in 2 leases and trip? YES

-They are needy: I never know if I'm giving them enough attention or not. I tell them to use their people words but they don't. Kind of inconvenient. I don't know what you need unless you TELL ME.

-They find the worst things to eat: Whiskey got into my purse and ate saran wrap. Bella knows how to "counter surf"... She'll jump up on the counters and grab our food. Just today I got home to find my sweet potatoes in the living room and Tristin's liquorish had be devoured with the box shredded on the kitchen floor (poor thing didnt have a chance).

-Dogs are needy: I can't stand the puppy eyes. It gets me every time! They'll put their heads on your lap and whine.

-I now have an audience when I eat: No meal is alone these days. I have two pairs of eyes watching me eat now. Simply delightful!

-I now watch everywhere I walk: you never know if you're going to kick a dog or two.

How do you find the extra time, love, and attention to give to these guys? And they aren't even HUMAN!!
Don't get me wrong, they are a delightful bunch and a lot of fun. However, the next pet I get will be a rock or plant. Maybe I'll go crazy and get one of each.