Saturday, January 30, 2010

Temporary Room Mate

I'm back to my normal routine again. Yippee! Since Tristin left I've suffered from a poisonous Cold and a fairly bitter mood. but I'm happy to say that life is now back to balance and basics after lots of Vitamin C and lots of cuddling from Sopfia. Sopfia is my temporary room mate. A friend asked me to look after her for a few days while she was out of town. I saw no harm in this. I think she's been a blessing in disguise. I have someone to dote on and give/get affection.

She's adorable but looks CAN be deceiving. Sopfia likes to attack and hiss at people. She also gets jealous if I pay attention to anything else but her.

so with my cold and bitter mood out of the way, life has actually been quite productive. I've rearranged the apartment and cleaned EVERYTHING to the point where my kitchen is sparkling thanks to my super awesome Steam-Cleaner!!! YAY for cleanliness and my temporary room mate. Life is still good and must still go on with or without Tristin. I guess I can say that I'm used to the whole, being-on-my-own thing....once again. It's quite amazing what the mind can overcome to achieve balance and piece of mind.

Pic 1: Smell the flowers

Pic 2: Explore the flowers

Pic 3: Rub the flowers
There is no picture #4 because the flowers ended up on the floor....

I bought Sopfia this Scratch Tower and sprayed cat-nip all over it so that she wouldnt scratch my couches. So far my plan has failed....She now scratches both the couches and the tower.

On a different note: As I was cleaning and rearranging things, I stumbled across this song and I'm announcing that its my new favorite. So much so that I wanted to share it! Hope you like it as well!