Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Loved My Weekend

So here's a list of a few things I LOVE LOVE LOVE:

1) Family
2 )Friends
4) Weddings
5) Great Weather
6) Dressing up and feeling girly
7) Reading
8) Pedicures
9) Sleeping in

I got to have a fat dose of ALL these things this past weekend! How lucky am I?

Brienne's wedding was STUNNING. The weather was perfect for her happy day and she looked amazing. As soon as I see her wedding pictures I'll post some up. For now I'm stuck posting iphone pics because we forgot our proper camera.

I got to, do my hair, dress up all weekend, hang out with family and celebrate Mothers Day with my moms! The weather was to die for and before we left I got a pedicure!

I love coming back to Utah. I have so much fun that going back to Colorado is sometimes really hard for me. If you can imagine a Mother rigorously trying to pull her Child off the play set at a playground while the Child, who desperately doesn't want to leave because he's having WAY too much fun, firmly grasps his hands around the swing set, that's exactly how I feel. Except I am the Pulling-Mother AND the Reluctant-Child in that instance.

This is the closest thing I could find to my scenario I had in my head. Replace the door for a swing set and an outdoor playground and you have what I imagined.

You MUST be joking!

I'm not normally a pessimist but I'm pretty sure life has played a very VERY cruel trick on me. Maybe Colorado just doesn't like me, I don't know, but right now I really DON'T like Colorado... at all.

After an AMAZING weekend of beautiful weddings, great food, family time, and a little bit of R&R, we flew into Denver airport to be met with this:

Yes folks, that IS SNOW and 40 degree weather! It snowed Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Isn't it suppose to be May!?

Hmm....Life is definitely playing tricks on me.