Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Lately Tristin and I have had a lot of visitor from out of state (and country) come visit us. first there was Sonto and Antonio from Johannesburg, South Africa. Sonto is my best friends sister. I'll upload pictures from her trip in the near future once I get them downloaded from my camera. But this past week we had a lot of fun hanging out with Kim.
Pearl St, November 5th (hence the Guy Fawkes shirt)

Kim came to visit us at our humble Boulder home with the goal of experiencing different types and forms of Yoga. Boulder is kinda "Hippie Central" here in the USA so what better place to do it than here? There's probably 5 yoga studios on every block!
Thurssay Nov 3rd. The day after the Snow Storm
however, the day she arrived we were currently being hit with Snow Storm #2! it was like we were picking her up at the North Pole!

While she was here we were able to take her to some great restaurants around town as well as take her to Celestial Seasoning, Pearl Street and Whole Foods (having a Whole Foods so near by is a definite luxury for us). Kim even let me try Bikram Yoga (Which is very hot yoga) with her which I LOVED and am now hooked on!

It was a lot of fun having her here and we were both really sad to see her go.