Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some Chicks

Our trip to Utah this month introduced us to the latest members of the family. Meet the chicks

For easter Kim and Rick got 4 baby chicks. Who knew chickens were social animals? They don't mind being held (they get held every day) and sometimes they can't get enough of human contact.

I can't wait til I can someday get my own chickens. I don't think my soon-to-be landlords would like chickens in the yard very much.

Oh yeah, and we are moving for the 6th time in 4.5 years this weekend. More news about that in later posts.

Never a dull moment.... Never!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I did something that was absolutely terrible! I splurged on myself and got a 64gb white iPad 2. Oops!

I'm not the type to enjoy clothes, cars, cute hair styles and fancy nails, but I DO tend to like my gadgets....and when I can call it a business expense, how on earth am I going to turn this baby down? Being my own boss has so many perks!

(And Im not Gunna lie, I LOVE that my iPad can do pointless things like this):

We look so hot

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guess Who's Back!

Can you tell he was sorely missed by EVERYONE!?!?

Love him!!


Earlier this week my friend Emily invited me to go to the farmers market with her. Now, The Boulder Farmers market is one of my very favorite places in Colorado. The different types if healthy foods you get there is to DIE for (not to mention all the gluten-free goodies that people sell). So when she asked me, I was SO in!

Right next to the market is the Boulder Contemporary Art Museum that I just learned is free on Saturdays (just FYI). Today the museum was featuring a Latino childrens dance group. I found this out because you could hear the music reverberating a block away. I had to find out where it was coming from so I did. It's was beautiful and the costumes were SO colorful!!

I loved the 10 minutes I was there. My ears could only handle 10 minutes before they exploded.

YouTube Video