Sunday, May 24, 2009

Goodbye Class - We will miss you and your hyperactivity on Sundays

(I could NOT get them to all smile at the same time, and look at Tristin-haha)

Who knew leaving a Sunday school class would be so hard? No me, but then again I didn't realize just how much I loved these crazy kids! On Saturday Tristin and I held a goodbye party (it was Zach's -blond kid on the left- idea) for our CTR class. I was only planning on it being an hour long because what crazy kid would really want to hang out at their Sunday school teachers house? Well our little party turned out to be a really long 3-hour party. We are apparently quite the party animals :)

We played ladder golf outside at first then we played Rock Band and Nintendo Wii. We finally finished our party off with a game of soccer. It was a really fun party full of crazy, hyperactive kids that feed off each others energy, lots of jokes, and just flat out fun! I'm seriously going to miss them, especially when Sundays come along!! I'll miss the "did you bring us treats" questions, the moans and groans when I quiz them on their Church history dates and time lines (that's right, I quiz my kids AT CHURCH! How intense am I? Their seminary teachers are going to LOVE them), and them correcting me every time I misspell a word or write a date wrong on the chalkboard. They truly are a bunch of REALLY smart kids! Probably the coolest kids in the whole ward!

I miss them already...

Tristin ended up winning the tug of war with Luke and Nathan against him, but his hands paid the price for it)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A word on choices

Today's topic is choices--one of my absolute most favorite things in the world. Choices are at the root of human existence; without them we would live life as a dream and no one would ever know or care that we existed. Our choices define us. Choices are the source and the fruits of variety, which we all know is the spice of life.

Unfortunately, it is exactly this weight attached to choices that creates such a love-hate relationship between us and the decisions we get to make every day. The wrong choice could prove disastrous and destroy something precious to us. Many times we avoid making decisions because we are afraid of making the wrong choice. If we put off the decision we can avoid the consequences for a while. Someone else might even make the decision for us.

What we often fail to realize, though, is that this kind of fearful attitude is exactly what leads to the bad outcomes we are hoping to avoid. To take it a step further, I believe that worrying about outcomes at all is what leads to bad outcomes. By focusing on what could happen rather than what is currently happening we fail to pay attention to the signs around us that could lead to correct choices.

When making a decision, it is easy to play the "What if..." game and worry about all the possible results of each decision. But the very nature of possibilities is that they are never 100% and therefore always unpredictable. We cannot know them, therefore we cannot control them. We cannot control them, therefore we must not waste time brooding over them.

What, then, should we do when making a decision? I don't have a simple answer to this question. At the least I suggest looking at the clues you have available to yourself. What do your feelings tell you? Does choice 1 make you feel joy? Does choice 2 make you feel guilty?

If you don't like the idea of trusting feelings (especially if you are one that always feels fear regardless ofvthe options), then there is still intuition, the higher self, the Holy Ghost, the divine, etc. Whatever you want to call it, it is there and it is extremely wise. You might argue that it is the same thing as feelings, but anyone familiar with it knows that there is a difference. It is usually a matter of looking for it and then exercising it for people to recognize it.

To be honest, almost all of the choices we get to make everyday do not have a wrong and right option and are not that consequential. The most important thing we can do with these choices is to commit to an option and stand by it. The biggest mistake we can make when choosing is allowing the decision to become more important than it really is.

Make a decision and move on--even if the result is not what you were hoping for. Remember, happiness doesn't come from getting the results you wanted. It comes from being at peace with your choices. Many people that fail at one endeavour after another in life still consider themselves lucky and happy because they enjoyed what they were doing and didn't stress the results.

That being said, don't think I'm telling you that you can do any dumb thing and that is okay as long as you decided it was. There are obvious rights and wrongs that will have obvious consequences (a topic all by itself). But when the answer isn't obvious, you can bet that going with your feelings and intuition will always result in peace and happiness. Doubting and worrying about results will always result in misery. So go out into life and remember that joy is in the journey, not the destination (paraphrased from Greg Anderson, not to be confused with this guy or this guy).

EDIT: I wrote most of this post last night and finished it up today. Then I read a fantastic post written by Jason Mraz, one of my personal heroes. It is a great perspective from a fantastically successful and optimistic person that is nonetheless human on the inside, and I feel like it meshes with what I'm trying to say. Read it here.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Natural Medicine Talk

Hey all!

I'm really enjoying getting emails from you about health related topics. Thank you for sending them. I recently came across a website called Natural Medicine Talk which talks about just that...Natural Medicine (I will also post all this info on my Health blog as well).

Basically, Natural Medicine talk is a website where people who are all interested in alternative health and natural healing remedies can share and receive information regarding to a large array of topics. For example, someone asked about good supplements for ear, nose and throat infections. (Tristin has a problem with this). Instead of taking prescription drugs given to you by your local doctor that most likely has side effects, these people suggested many alternative ideas to treat this problem. (I would personally suggest drinking -or gargling- 3 drops of Tea Tree essential oil in a glass of water)

I love this sight because there are TONS of topics that people are talking about. The information shared is purely given to help inform you and be informed. Topics such as organic foods, help for epilepsy, nutrition supplements, candida, and so on, are being talked about. I obviously haven't read all the topics available on the sight but the ones I have read, I like and agree with. Hopefully this sight will help inform you on any health related questions you may have or answers you may want to share with people on there.

Happy Healing, Everyone!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bottled Water

I received this slide show in an email and thought that maybe others would appreciate looking at this too. It's SO interesting!