Sunday, May 24, 2009

Goodbye Class - We will miss you and your hyperactivity on Sundays

(I could NOT get them to all smile at the same time, and look at Tristin-haha)

Who knew leaving a Sunday school class would be so hard? No me, but then again I didn't realize just how much I loved these crazy kids! On Saturday Tristin and I held a goodbye party (it was Zach's -blond kid on the left- idea) for our CTR class. I was only planning on it being an hour long because what crazy kid would really want to hang out at their Sunday school teachers house? Well our little party turned out to be a really long 3-hour party. We are apparently quite the party animals :)

We played ladder golf outside at first then we played Rock Band and Nintendo Wii. We finally finished our party off with a game of soccer. It was a really fun party full of crazy, hyperactive kids that feed off each others energy, lots of jokes, and just flat out fun! I'm seriously going to miss them, especially when Sundays come along!! I'll miss the "did you bring us treats" questions, the moans and groans when I quiz them on their Church history dates and time lines (that's right, I quiz my kids AT CHURCH! How intense am I? Their seminary teachers are going to LOVE them), and them correcting me every time I misspell a word or write a date wrong on the chalkboard. They truly are a bunch of REALLY smart kids! Probably the coolest kids in the whole ward!

I miss them already...

Tristin ended up winning the tug of war with Luke and Nathan against him, but his hands paid the price for it)


  1. when i grow up i wanna a be a cool teacher just like you! haha

  2. I teach Sunday School too-to teenagers though. Looks like you had a great class, and that they had great teachers:)