Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Numbers are In....

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.... and Tristin wins! It's official, his body is a lot healthier than mine.

On Wednesday we did a Bio impedance Analysis (BIA) follow up to see how our bodies were doing and coping with our detox. A BIA is a test that measures about 15 different cellular comparments and metabolic functions within your body all in under 5 second (it sends an electrical impulse through your body and cells to measure these things-it doesn't hurt, I promise). To explain all the nitty gritty stuff about it would take an entire essay and then some so I'll break it down to what was important.

Here were our results as best as I can remember them:

1) Lost about 5lbs of fat and gaint 3 lbs of muscle. (Lucky!!)
2) His cells throw off toxins really easily and more efficiently now that he's gone through the detox. His cells are also retaining a healthy amount of intracellular fluid to maintain optimal function (He's so lucky!!)
3) his EMC/BCM ration (this ratio shows if the body is tearing down muscle for energy AKA sarcopenia,) or fat for energy went WAY down!

Overall, Tristin is doing WONDERFULLY! His body has balanced out really well and he is now back on all fruits and veggies without any problems what so ever! All he needed was a good "bodily spring cleaning" to function at its best!

1) Lost 3lbs of fat and 1.5 lbs of muscle (sarcopenia)
2) My cells are throwing off toxins but at a price! My intracellular fluid has gone way down (you need fluidity in the cells to maintain a healthy living cell.) The process of eliminating toxins is hydration. My cells are eliminating these toxins but are dehydrating themselves to do so. So, that is kinda bad. I need a lot more water.
3) My EMC/BCM ratio went up. I'm tearing down muscle a little quicker than I normally was. This is bad!

My end results, eat chicken breasts 2x a day to put more protein in my body and be extremely cautions with what I eat as I ween myself back on foods from the detox. Friday was the first day we could eat fruit again. I ate strawberries and they gave me a massive headache. Strawberries are out of the picture for now. So far this is what I've learned: the only things that don't put my body into shock are: cucumbers, chicken, white rice, lettuce, apples and green beans. So that's all I'm eating right now as I SLOWLY reintroduce one food back into my diet at a time.

So that's the detox update. for those of you still awake to read this, I hope it was somewhat interesting. As a few of you know, I LOVE to learn about health and nutrition so if I get a little carried away with my health blogs, you'll have to forgive me.