Friday, May 15, 2009

Natural Medicine Talk

Hey all!

I'm really enjoying getting emails from you about health related topics. Thank you for sending them. I recently came across a website called Natural Medicine Talk which talks about just that...Natural Medicine (I will also post all this info on my Health blog as well).

Basically, Natural Medicine talk is a website where people who are all interested in alternative health and natural healing remedies can share and receive information regarding to a large array of topics. For example, someone asked about good supplements for ear, nose and throat infections. (Tristin has a problem with this). Instead of taking prescription drugs given to you by your local doctor that most likely has side effects, these people suggested many alternative ideas to treat this problem. (I would personally suggest drinking -or gargling- 3 drops of Tea Tree essential oil in a glass of water)

I love this sight because there are TONS of topics that people are talking about. The information shared is purely given to help inform you and be informed. Topics such as organic foods, help for epilepsy, nutrition supplements, candida, and so on, are being talked about. I obviously haven't read all the topics available on the sight but the ones I have read, I like and agree with. Hopefully this sight will help inform you on any health related questions you may have or answers you may want to share with people on there.

Happy Healing, Everyone!

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