Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bucket List

As I drove 8 hours to Utah yesterday, I meditated on a few things I wanted out of life before any kiddos came into it. Don't get me wrong, I DO want kids sometime soon in the future, but I still have some things I need to do to feed my inner-child....So I came up with a very sort bucket list.

1)Run a 10k. If I do that successfully, then a half marathon BABY!
I used to run almost every day and was in great shape. We then moved to Colorado and that was the end of my healthy streak (and a little bit of my sanity). I want that back SO BAD!
I've been reading Born to Run and feel like I'm now at a point in my life where I feel more empowered than ever! As I was talking to my dad about this he started to share stories with me when he ran the Comrades Marathon (a 55 Mile race in South Africa) 3 FREAKING TIMES!
What the What!!
Those Africans are CRAZY. man!!

OK seriously, I know that kind of athletic ability is in me somewhere! After all, I AM his child! I'm gunna go find out if it's still in me!

Dad, you're my hero!

2) Go overseas
Tristin and I are planning on traveling as soon as he's done with his schooling in Colorado. Wanna know where we wanna go?
Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
Hopefully we can make this dream real by next year. We may have to sell a car or two....we'll see.

3) Go Sky diving
Why wouldn't I wanna do this? It would be like the Tower of Terror on Meth! Heck yeah that's on my bucket list!

So there we have it. And I feel like if I write this out publicly, I'll be that much more driven to do it.


  1. Your Dad ran the comrades?? How did I not know this?! Let me know how your training goes and soooo excited to see you when you visit, we could go sky diving together!!

  2. Good luck with the training. make sure you have a pit stop in joburg before you head down to durban :)

  3. hahah I loved reading every word in this post. Can't wait to see you skydive!!

  4. Go for it baby.... you can do it!!!!