Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Blog, Baby

Round two!

Maybe some of you might remember that I tried to start a health blog 2 years ago and fail miserably at it. Well here I go again. I come across far too many good articles, recipes and health tips that I can't stand not documenting them in an orderly fashion OR sharing them.

So I'd like you to meet

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New Health and Hope was inspired because I work on and with so many people who are finding it hard to get good health recipe ideas, health information or just support with their nutrition goals. Sometimes its SUCKS to try and eat healthily when everyone around you is eating what ever they want. I hope that I can provide people with enough health food tips, ideas and recipes that are easy and tasty...
...because lets be honest, if it's not easy or tasty I DON'T do it!Its as simple as that

So if you have any healthy tips, questions, comments or complains, please DO share them. I'm willing to learn more and share more with who ever wants to know.

PS: it's still pretty new so I'm in the process of transferring a lot more recipes, health articles and other stuff on there. If you have stuff you think should go on there too, let me know or email them to me!

Happy eating!

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