Thursday, March 31, 2011



8lbs 1.3oz! He's a big fellow!

He's so beautiful! I just got a picture this morning of him while I was driving and I couldn't stop starring...and then I couldn't stop crying! So I drove while looking at my phone and crying the entire way from the Chiropractors office to home!

I don't know details YET but as soon as I do I'll post them. All I know is that he had Aly's Asian eyes, Conryd's nose and I'm so deeply in love with this little man I could DIE!

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  1. Oh he is so cute! Have they picked out a name yet!? Congrats to them!! Hope she's doing well!

    And hey! I remember taking that picture of you and T that you have on your header., AF canyon right?! Come see us sometime when you're down in Utah, were having people come visit now that everyone and their dog isn't sick! :)