Saturday, March 20, 2010

He's a Babe

FACT: I did NOT know my husband was legally blind until a few months ago. I knew his eye sight was bad, but not that bad.

FACT: I LOVE his glasses. I think he looks cute in them *ahem* I mean sexy. He looks sexy in them :)

I really do love the glasses though. I was always a sucker for smart, nerdy guys. And of course I think he's hot as well so the nerdy-cute look I'm really REALLY liking.

BUT I want our kids to inherit my eyes. I do have perfect vision and never had to wear braces. So I guess I want them to have my teeth as well...but his brains. Actually, scratch that, I'll love them no matter what (and will plan on having good health coverage).

FYI: Still not planning on the kiddos yet so I hope this post doesn't mislead anyone.


  1. 1. he looks so happy
    2. love the randomness of this post

  2. Haha, thanks?
    1.I just took the pic by saying, "look here."
    2.I'm a pretty random person. I hardly ever make sense.

  3. Ha you know what this post reminded me of...the FRIENDS episode when Ross and Rachel are talking about their future baby and they make a list of things of what they want their baby to have, and I can't remember the rest, but it's pretty hilarious. Anyways, I think the glasses look nice. And I agree, I think glasses are "sexy" too. If only Conryd could start to go blind as well. Hmm, what did you do to Tristin to make him lose his sight? Oh he just looked at you and your beauty took his sight away. Ooooh! Dang, that is like the best pick up line ever! Uh this is a long post, so I'll stop now. But I'm glad I now know that if I ever see him driving without glasses on, to run!