Friday, February 20, 2009

The Best Valentines Day (with a Twist)

So Tristin and I didn't really celebrated Valentines Day on Saturday because I knew that I'd have to work up in Park City all day doing massages, which was fine because being busy up there means lots of money. So we said that we'd celebrate in on Friday (the day before Valentines). So Tristin and I got a couples massage for Valentines Day on Friday. Unfortunately Park City called me while getting our massages leaving me a message saying that they needed me up in Park City to do massages because it's busy up there already. So, I had to leave my dear husband on our Valentines Day celebration to go and work. Anyways, cut a long story short, we didn't really celebrate it that Friday because of work and then I was up in Park City all day Saturday doing massages.

Well, that Saturday I did 8 massages, back to back, and was just EXHAUSTED. I came home to something I didn't expect AT ALL! Tristin had done the laundry, prepared our Primary Classe's lesson, baked cookies for the class in little heart shapes with icing on the top (and sprinkles), made me dinner for when I got home and acually went on to get an idea on how to make me a homemade card for Valentines Day! I just couldn't believe it! He'd done all that today! It was the most thoughtful thing and best gifts he could have given me! So much so that I wanted to cry. I'm not sure if I wanted to cry because I was so tired or if I was so touched by his actions or both but it was just so so thoughtful of him to have done ALL of that while I was working that day.

Did we have a traditional Valentines Day Celebration? No, but I'll never forget it!

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  1. That is precious! One day I will be married. Tristin is an example to us all.