Monday, March 9, 2009

Lent, A time for fasting

Hi, my name is Juanique Roney and I'm a *sniffle* televisionholic! No, I'm not but sadly enough, Tristin and I had been watching a lot of TV come evening time. This is why. We both would work until 6/8pm at night, we'd be tired, eat dinner and have no energy to do anything else. the sun would be down, people would be preping themselves for bedtime, and yet Tristin and I would still want to spend "quality time" with each other...drained of energy or the will to do anything quality-ish! So what would we do? Watch TV, because it was easy, convenient and required no brain power or energy what so ever.

About a month ago I went to visit a friend who told me that for lent they gave up watching TV. "What a good idea," I had said! I desperately wanted to try it. So now, happy Lent! We are fasting by cutting out our TV watching. Well not all TV though. We record our shows we really care about, watch it, skip the useless commercials and TADA, we've set a Lent goal. Watch only the shows we really care about and use the rest of our time doing something more productive or mind stimulating. So far so good! We do a lot more reading now but sadly a lot less talking. Probably better than watching show after show after show mindlessly.

So, watcha think? Good Lent idea or bad lent idea? Either way, I'm happy I'm sticking to something I can do, unlike setting an unrealistic goal like giving up chocolate!! HAHAHAHAHA! Impossible. Trust me, I've tried and failed too many times! Probably all the more reason to keep at it.


  1. hahaha, love the way you justify eating chocolate!! Happy Fasting!

  2. The purpose of Lent is to "give up" a vice in order to make you a better person--closer to God. You got the concept--the less TV the better! Glad I found your blog! We love you!

  3. Congrats on the no/less TV goal, that's awesome!!I jumped on the lent wagon too... well sorta. I said I was going to give up facebook. And wow. It stunk. So instead I gave it up for a week- I haven't been on it since Sunday so far. But oh I sure do miss facebook, it's like I'm stuck on a desert island or something- no contact with the world. Except for blogs. And my cell phone. And my car. I'm a baby.