Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter was yesterday! YAY! and we had really good weather! DOUBLE YAY! Basically is was the perfect day for the perfect celebration. I also decided to revive our really nice camera for the special occasion. Lately our photo taking has been pretty limp but I decided it was time to take up the photographer in me again. Beatrix was looking especially adorable in her Easter dress so taking pictures of her was really easy.
After a week of clouds and rain, this years Easter brought with it, sun, fun and egg hunting (which I proved to be very bad at once again.) I found all my eggs last out of EVERYONE. After hunting for eggs at my in law house, we all went out for big lunch and then over to Tristin's uncles house for more egg hunting, games and tye dying shirts! it was a TON of fun. They probably had to find 300 eggs which took less than 10 minutes because there are over 80 cousins.

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  1. Looks like a very happy easter! That dress is darling on Beatrix