Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where Do the Deer and the Antelope Play?

In BOULDER~ that's where! Well, just the deer, No antelope. (I'll explain later in this post)

Today was our adventure to the Boulder's Farmers Market. It was the perfect day to go as well because IT WAS ACTUALLY SUNNY! This whole week has been showered in rain and lightening which reminds me a lot of South Africa. I don't remember seeing lightening much in Utah, come to think of it. Nevertheless, it was great to feel the warmth again and tie my sweater around my waist. Our adventure started with a search for parking. we parked about half a mile away but the walk was pleasant. the actual market itself was just amazing! If I had the money to spare I would have gone CRAZY. All the food was locally grown and organic, there were tons of bead and jewelery booths, beautiful hand made clothing, paintings, pottery and flowers and plants for Africa. I wish I had taken more pictures but I completely forgot to. I came across a booth that sold handmade sandals from cow hide (I think) that were just GORGEOUS! The owner was really cool and told us that her shoes she was wearing were 7 years old (and they still looked great). They are so durable that you can go anywhere with them like hiking through rivers or just I ordered a pair (I shouldn't have but if they're going to last that long and look that great, then I need them). We also was a poster saying that in 2 weeks time the Zimbabwean Music Festival will be here in Boulder so we can't wait for that. (Don't you wish you were here to see that mom? It's your mother-land where you were born!!)

Later we drove around looking for a store. We ended up in a residential area in Boulder that was at a higher level than the city itself. As we passed a house we saw a deer literally 2 feet away from our car. So I went trigger happy and took a lot of pictures. She was just beautiful and not shy at all. She even started walking towards the car.

Our next stop was Pearl Street Mall which is an outdoors mall with tons of people playing music and putting on shows, not to mention the diversity of the stores there is amazing. We came across a guy on a ball who was juggling fire. Definitely a show worth sticking around for. Then about 10 minutes later our wonderful weather turned to a tropical rain storm and it was time to head on home where we were met with hail. Yes, hail!

All in all it was a fantastic day. We are starting to feel very happy and comfortable here in Colorado. It's a fantastic place to live! In fact, the area here was voted the 2nd best place to live in the USA, next to Provo which was voted the #1 place to live. Haha. So I guess you can say we moved down in the rankings, going from Provo to Boulder :) Just kidding.

Love to all!

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  1. It sounds like sooo much fun! I'm glad you're having such a blast and I'm glad I get to live ikn Boulder through you. Take pictures of all the food next time so my mouth can water :) Love you Juan!