Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swine Flu and Chocolate and Rocks, Oh MY!

Well, the angel of Swine flu did NOT pass our door this past week. Instead the angel of swine flu decided to play a nice little trick on me! I don't even know any one who's sick, so how did I get it??!! It's a mystery. But I'm all put back together again. Yay for cleaver immune systems! Tristin still remains intact and as healthy as a hippo (I accidently typed "hippy" before typing hippo. haha. Maybe I should have left it at "healthy as a hippy").

**Side Story now that I'm on the topic of hippies: Thursday I was walking down Main Street in Longmont when 4 hippies (Yes, they were actual hippies with the long hair, glasses and clothing) walked by me. One said, "excuse me miss, I think you dropped your smile." Confused, I actually looked down (Yes, I am that blonde sometimes), realized what their motive was and started smiling at them. I guess I looked fairly serious before. I responded by say, "well I guess I picked it up because it's now on my face." I parted with them as one of them held up a peace sign. Very random....


This past weekend we went bouldering up by Boulder Mountain Park. It was a GORGEOUS day and everyone and their dog was taking advantage of the sunshine up there. We went up with one of Tristins friends and his fiance. I didn't do too much bouldering myself, due to feeling sick and all but it was nice to get out to the mountains again before the weather stays cold for good.

This past week I was responsible for the Young Womens activity. We made caramel apples. GASP* That didn't go down well with my "no chocolate" policy! With $50 worth of candy, chocolate and more chocolate it was a buffet of heaven and hell for me. In the end I did have some M&M's which were followed with a massive sugar headache! I guess my policy is still a work in progress. the apples turned out really well. Those girls are extremely creative. The night was filled with apple-making, New-Moon-Movie-talking and lots of giggling girls.

Other than that life has been really good. Just busy as usual. Tristin's program is going well still and he continues to learn some amazing things....hopefully he'll post more about those things in the near future (hint hint, babe).

So that's about it from this side. As of now Colorado is changing in its seasons as well as the animals that live here. It's been fun to hear and see the flocks of ducks fly south for the winter. How come I never saw that in Utah? Was I really that oblivious to it? I was able to catch a picture (a pretty bad picture) of a flock of 30 or so ducks while on my way to work the other day. They were all standing in a dried up lake, almost all of them standing very still and looking in the same direction. It was kind of cool to see. I wondered if they were contemplating how far they had to fly and if they were dreading it like how we would dread a long plane flight or car trip.


  1. i want to meet hippies & give peace signs!! :)
    glad you're feeling better though!

  2. ummmm... yes there are ducks here too! guess you never noticed them. love the hippie story.