Saturday, November 14, 2009

Death by Detox...

We aren't dead yet but detoxes are seriously hard! I think I say that because today is Saturday and I didn't have my job to distract me from the constant gnawing of my stomach against my skin.

"but Juanique, why on earth are you guys crazy enough to detoxing?"- This is why....

My doctor (who also happens to be my boss and who also happens to be EXTREMELY intelligent in the health department) told me the other day that I have serious health issues going on. That's a no brainer seeing as I've seen over 100 doctors in the past 10 years, none of whom could tell me what my problems were (so much for extra schooling!!). As far as my health issues go...that probably can be saved for another post. But it just so happens that I work for the one guy who could find the answers to what was causing my health problems AND TREAT THEM AS WELL! Coincidence? Heck NO!!! Heavenly Father was hearing my prayers when I was younger, and 10 years later He answered them.

Anyway, I've had A LOT of health issues ever since I was a child and no one knew why. But life went on and you eventually get used to them all.

Well since I started working where I work, I've had a lot of questions answered and a LONG road of treatment ahead of me....step one of the treatment being a 20 day detox (my body tends to tear down muscle a lot and store fat, I don't absorb nutrients like I should and I'm allergic to a lot of foods I've been eating that have been causing severe inflammatory responses throughout my body....just to name a few of my issues). we are detoxing... and I say "we" because Tristin is doing it for moral support. Isn't he the best?? Oh, and I haven't had a meal since Monday. but the good news is that we are halfway through the hardest part. Only 5 more days to go of food-lessness. But don't get me wrong, we are eating a few things that are medical-meal-prescribed, but they are in liquid form and we only have 3 flavors of the stuff so far. ugh.

So no, we aren't dying but a little bit of me inside is. It's that part that is calling out for a Cafe Rio salad and wants it SO BAD. Hopefully that part of me will completely die altogether and stop teasing me with the memories of how delicious Cafe Rio is!!! (I hope it dies SOON).

But in all honesty, I'm excited about this cleanse because once it is over I will be able to start my testing again to see how my body has balanced itself out and then we can start my other treatment. Yay for progress and health. I can also say that I haven't had a headache in almost a week now! To me, that is a BIG DEAL!!! I'm very hopeful about all this treatment. I having a feeling it will make it all worth it in the end :)