Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Mary" Christmas

Tristin and I had a blast being Mary and Joseph for our Church's nativity play last weekend. It was rather fun actually. I learned a few things while practicing for this thing:

1) that I couldn't keep a straight face when rehearsing with Tristin. While he was pretending to console and warm his pregnant wife (me) he'd whisper things like "I hope you don't get hypothermia and die". (He's so romantic sometimes) Try keeping a straight face with that being whispered while you're trying to look uncomfortable and pregnant.

2) Trying to look uncomfortable and pregnant is really hard. Props to you moms out there.

3) Basketballs don't make for good pregnant bellies. They look more like over-sized tumors! And they are really hard to push out from under you're clothes once you've "had your baby".

On Saturday, before doing the nativity for everyone there, we decided at the last minute to toss the fake baby Jesus for a much cuter baby named Adalade! When we brought her on stage there was a very satifing "Awwww" from the audience. Adalade just looked around and then fell asleep, bright lights on her and everything. she was the best baby Jesus any one could have asked for (except for the real deal, of course).

I held her for at least 30 minutes after that.... She was too cute for words!

I'm really glad they asked us to help out with this nativity show. It was really a lot of fun and Tristin enjoyed preparing himself for the role.

....he was sad to shave his beard off afterward, though...

and I'm happy (But very sad babe) to mention that the mustache is now gone


  1. Josh and I laughed so hard about this post! Too funny! We hope you are doing well! Merry Christmas!

  2. That is so awesome and hilarious. Love it!

  3. You two are the perfect Joseph and Mary! Love the hairy face..love that it's gone too.

  4. This was so sweet. I was sitting here scrolling through the pictures saying, "Aw I love my friends. Look! Oh they make the perfect Mary and Jospeh. And OH a real baby to play the part of Jesus?! Now that is adorable. What a cute nativity scene, it's just perfect... and Tristin shaved his beard already for Christmas, that's... ACK! MUSTACHE RUN AWAY!!!!