Sunday, February 14, 2010

WELCOME HOME HONEY! Here, Have some E Coli!! You'll love it!

Tristin is home!! Can you believe it?!?! I can NOT express how happy I am to have him home! Life just got a little more bubbly for me....if you cant tell!

One of the first things I told him were "you can never leave me again!" which is absolutely ridiculous to say because he has to do this again next year and I know that. But he's home and I am so over joyed! I love that man so much!

Unfortunately our reunion was not just between myself and the man of my dreams. A few little stragglers join our private circle of happiness.

Meet Mr Flu and Mr Coli. Mr E Coli!

Flu virus: top e coli bacterium: Bottom

Yes, the flu/cold/weird-thing-I'd-been -suppressing-for-3 -weeks had finally broken completely free and reeked havoc ALL OVER my body! I had to cancel all my appointments at work for the next 2 days and return home to a husband who was probably planning on spending that time trying to mentally situate himself in his unfamiliar lifestyle. Well WELCOME HOME HONEY!!! Now you have to take care of your sick wife! e coli then decided to present itself to my weakened immune stystem and set up camp a day after mine and Tristin's romantic reunion. Unfortunately he wasn't the friendliest of bacteria to my body! 3 days later and 5 lbs less I can finally say I am on the rise to eating food and being healthy again.

Tristin is not, however. He woke up this morning complaining of a sore stomach :(

Thankfully he's not to the point where his body is aching and he's shivering uncontrollably. right now I think it's more mild (and thank the stars for that!!!) Please pray that it doesn't get worse!

So how's that for a "WELCOME HOME TRISTIN" gift? And to share my bug with him on VALENTINES DAY! How romantic am I???!!

I did not really imagine our reunion looking like this at all but a sick reunion is better than none....I guess. I wish it hadn't gone down the way it did but in the end I dont care because I'm just so elated he's home!


  1. you took the "in marraige we share everything" concept in another direction :)

  2. so SORRY for you!!! Wish I could make you soup or something! Get Better Soon--better yet, come to Cayman and we'll make you better!

  3. Oh sad! It's moments like these that make for funny stories later on!?! maybe?! Last Valentines day Jon made dinner for me and got food poisoning, when he blacked out on the bathroom floor I called his dad who came rushing over at 4 in the morning... now that's romantic. :) I'm so glad Tristin is home!!!