Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Love it!

I just had to share this....

Sunday night Tristin and I went for an evening walk. The late sunset was simply stunning. Boulder takes my breath away sometimes. I may not live close to my family in Utah, but Boulder is definitely the next best place to be.

Actually, maybe Cayman would be the next best place to be :) Grand Cayman Islands, boy how we miss you!

(yes, Tristin DOES know how to smile he just doesn't like to do it for cameras)


  1. juan! so funny, my mom was on the computer last night and saw that there is a school for natural cooking. you know, no ACTUAL cooking, pretty much a raw school. i asked her where it was and guess what..? its in BOULDER! crazy eh? wasnt really suprised though because colorado has everything one person needs. i thought that was great though. hope your guys new place is working out wonders! love you.

  2. gorgeous. both the late sunset, and cayman, and jon would say tristin's face too.

  3. Treg, what was the name of that school? I'd like to check it out! It sounds awesome!

  4. Emily, tell Jon there is plenty more where this came from if he votes for Pedro.