Monday, July 19, 2010

The Powell

Can you say Bliss? Oh, it definitely was bliss and SO much more! I forgot how much I loved Powell! I also forgot how much I love being with our family. This living-away-from-family thing is not all that it's hyped up to be!

Anywho, Powell was amazing! Sleep, eat, surf, eat, nap, eat, swim, eat, swim, play games, read...Yup, that sums up the entire week! Gotta love it!

And just BTW, the house boats name was "Livin the Dream." So no, I didn't just put that phrase there on the picture to sound cute :P


  1. Too much fun! I'm jealous, I admit. Glad you had a good totally deserved it WonQuee...wish you could stay in Utah. But I selfishly am glad you are back in Colorado..(ahem, even though I'm not there for a while!)

    Love you! So great to talk to you...miss you lots!

  2. It looks like it was such a fun trip!