Monday, February 21, 2011

The Beard Comb

I lost my brush when I was in Utah....this seem to happen about once every 6 months. Either I lose my brush in one of my purses, my car, or I lose it in the house...sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesnt.

Last week when I got back from Utah I realized I didn't bring my brush with me (and it was my very last one I had-the other 2 I'd lost a year ago).

So I was subjected to using this to "brush" my hair with.
Meet Tristin's Beard Comb.
Yes, he DOES actually own one of these
Yes, it IS the size of your index finger, No joke!
Yes, it took about 20 minutes to comb my entire head of hair
And yes, I DID use it to comb my hair with for 6 straight days (pun intended).

But don't worry, I bought a BRIGHT PINK brush (and it's matching little sister for my purse) so that I wouldn't lose another brush again
(hahaha-blasphemy! I'll TOTALLY lose this one too!)

it feels good to moving up in the world again.


  1. Our lives are so awesome. Where would the internet be without our heart-stopping tales of danger? I bet half the women that read this post are going to go into post-traumatic shock.

    Maybe I should fight a bear or something so that we can really show off our exciting lives...

  2. A bear has nothing on a beard comb...:S

  3. Maybe tie it with a string to the handle of your bathroom drawer? Laughing about you combing your long hair with that teeny comb!

  4. Why on earth did you use it for 6days, and how did long did it take to brush your hair? (i was tempted to call you repunzel there)...
    ps: love the new blog header. watup!