Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just Add Fire

Last night, Mr T and I went to the Longmont Festival.

We aren't really ones to go out and do festival type things (we can get a little reclusive sometimes) but I'm glad we did this one. It was simple and entertaining enough for me to stick around.

When looking back on some of the video I took I wanted to KICK MYSELF IN THE PANTS!!

Heres why:

Did anyone else see dancing Hippie Man??? No, I'm not referring to the big fake dancer, I'm referring to the guy with long hair and in a pink shirt dancing in the first 4 seconds of my video. Look in the bottom left hand corner!

Why on EARTH didn't I get more video of HIM!!!! GGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Great opportunity lost forever! Goodbye Dancing-Hippie-Man.

Moving on....

Mr T and I stuck around to watch a fire show. I won't post all the video I took because even I don't have the attention span to sit through them all. Tristin did make a very invaluable comment to me while watching the show, however:

"Remember, in order to turn something mundane into something interesting, just add fire! So you should advertise Fire Massage!"

there's something about fire....It just makes things so much more alluring.

For the record, I will not be doing fire massage.

Lastly, we ended our evening with contemporary music in the background, tuna melts and salad from SunRose Cafe.

Ya know, I would never live in Longmont, but they do have some really cool things going on in that town.

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