Sunday, September 18, 2011

Buddhist Boy

As some of you know, this past week Tristin was away in New York for a Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention Seminar. So I went to Utah to work and see my family. What I didn't know when I booked my flight was that my mom would be away in Spain and my dad in California... So it was just me, Dessi the dog and thankfully Conryd, Aly and Mr Evan.

Tristin seemed to really like his seminar. There were doctors from all over the world and the USA there to learn these techniques. When he spoke with some of the other dr's there (these dr's having spent thousands and thousands of dollars or seminars and traveling all over the world for them) about what they thought of this training, one of them said that it was probably one of the best seminars she had been to (and she'd been to a lot).
*WARNING, I'm going to get all mushy and "my husband is so wonderful" on you. Brace yourself*

I do have to say I am so proud of him for choosing the program he's in at Naropa and for learning all he can about mindfulness based techniques for therapy. He's going to be one heck of a therapist one day and he's going to help a lot of people. I am so proud of him for it (even though his schooling and seminars are costing me a lot of money....I mean US a lot of money).
One of the training halls at the seminar.

As for me, I got to spend some time with this heart breaker! I'm a lucky Aunty!

if you have a short attention span (like myself) go to 45 seconds into the video. That's when he gets really cute

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  1. Evan is so cute, I love the sharks outfit, Hope you doing well my dear. Atleast you had company with them. Have a lovely weekend.