Sunday, October 9, 2011

Umm....Yeah, That's What I Thought

Tristin works for with the Marketing and Communications Department at Naropa University (He's officially a contractor now with his partner under the name Hat Tip Industries, Ltd. --T). Last weekend the Art Therapy Department held a 48 hour paint-a-thon where teams of students would take shift painting for 48 hours straight to raise funds for art therapy in South America. Tristin was in charge of getting some video footage for this event. I just tagged along for the heck of it.

I love Boulder but MAN OH MAN it is a strange place!!

World, meet the festive Art Therapy Students of Naropa University:

Haha. Priceless!
I had to be discreet about taking this picture. I didn't want to seem obvious at all. I got into my "super sleuth" mode and took pics with my camera phone hiding behind my book as I was pretending to read in the corner.

NEVER a dull moment! Never...

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