Friday, February 3, 2012

Lets Play Catch up!

WOW-where on earth do I begin! I'll try and do this in chronological order...hows that?

First off...Christmas:

Boy was it a good one. Things I am whole-heartedly grateful to my Savior in 2011 are:

-The Gospel, first and foremost!!!
-My family. I have a wonderful family and equally wonderful in-laws. Hardly anyone can say that! I'm a lucky dawg!
-My Hubster! He is wonderful. He's my best friend. He believes in me more than I do myself.
-My business and the work I do. Heavenly Father has blessed me in abundance this year with a booming practice in CO that keeps me more than at full capacity. Having a full practice in less than a year as a massage therapist is literally unheard of! I'm so thankful that I can support my family with the work I do and I am so lucky that my clients are seriously the most wonderful people!
For Christmas this year I got to take 5 WHOLE DAYS off to rest and recuperate from all the work I've been doing (being a business owner is no easy task-but being an employee sucks entirely! I will never work for someone ever again!) Not only that, but I got to see all our family as well as my aunty, uncle and 14 year old cousin from South Africa. They were visiting for an entire month!

December 28th, 2011:

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to US!

6 and a half years ago, Tristin and I went on our first date (it was a blind date). He took me to Color Me Mine and afterwards to Comedy Sports. On our 5th year anniversary, Comedy Sports was not open but we did recreate the Color Me Mine aspect of it. While we were painting on that very first date, this conversation took it's course:

T: So what year and you in School?
J: I'm a senior

Confused look from Tristin

T: At BYU?
J: No
J: No
T: So what school do you go to?
J: Timpview High School

Tristin pauses....then asks with hesitation,

T: How old are you?!?
J : 17


T: Oh my gosh, this is so illegal!!

Apparently that didn't stop us, which I'm SO glad about. Honey, thank you for being man enough by not letting my age scare you too much. Happy 5 years! I am so glad I married you (and I know you're glad you married me!)

January 1st:

Happy New Year Everyone!
Salvesen/Roney Picture Taken Jan 1st, 2012
 My goal for this year? Stay sane! So far I'm not doing such a hot job with that one!

You see, here's why:
This year is a very big year for us. It's a year where everything will either change and upset the flow of what we have going here in Colorado, or it'll stay exactly the way things are. This year  Tristin finishes his Masters program and applies for PhD programs. If he gets accepted to BYU then is bye bye thriving Colorado practice and hello "Look at me start my business ALL OVER AGAIN". Don't get me wrong, I've still got my practice going in Utah which I love and which has been my original love, but my CO business has quite literally exploded over the past 3 months and not only that but I've made a name for myself in my circles. Just the other day a client told me this story:

"so I was talking with a friend who works over at the athletic club. I told him I was going for a massage today to which he replied 'lucky you'. 'No', I said, 'this girl doesnt give froo froo massages! She's the real deal', to which he replied, 'well apparently there's this one girl you need to try who everyone is talking about at the athletic club who is really good. I think the name of her business is something like Soula, Soulist, Soultic',' Oh my gosh! That's her', I replied!"

That story totally made my day. I have worked SO hard this past year to get my practice going! Tons of blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights went into (and continue to go into) this business of mine. It's my baby. I've seen it grow from 5 clients a week to sometimes 30 a week! That is a massage therapists DREAM and I did it! I did it with a lot of help, love and prayers from SO many people around me! To leave my business would be like saying goodbye forever to family that I love.

So, as you can see, I am completely torn. On one hand, we return to family and build our lives back up from where we left off. On the other hand, we say goodbye to our CO family. Our lives here started of crappy...I mean REALLY CRAPPY! We had a lot of stuff thrown at us. I wanted to throw in the towel, say "Well Tristin, it's been swell but I'll just wait for you to finish here in Utah. See you in 2 years"' and come running back to Utah. But then I quite my  job, started my business and everything changed! Blessings were poured out! It felt as though our lives had found perfect harmony and we had transitioned into a stage of our lives that was just waiting for us to take ownership of it! So when I look into 2012 and try to picture what is in store for us, I get a little scared and sad knowing that we are going to have to say goodbye to either one of our 2 amazing worlds, Utah or Colorado. It's like if I had to ask you, "which is your favorite child?". See our dilemma?

Wow-What a boring rant! I'm so glad that's over with. in a nut shell, our life is pretty good so I have nothing to complain about. So here's to an AMAZING 2012 that is ahead of us!


  1. Hey hun,
    All the best for this year, we are sure whatever happens you guys will get through it and you will do great in your business:) Cant wait to meet you :)

  2. 1. You two were BABIES! well, maybe not so much Tristin as you. SO glad you two found each other! We love you both and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (two months ago!)

    2. I'm rooting for you to say goodbye to your CO family, because your Utah family (and friends) have been living too long without you nearby.

    3. I need a massage next time youre in town. I'M TOTALLY SERIOUS. So let me know okay?!

    4. I really love you two! xoxo