Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crazy Beautiful Life

So the Ke$ha song "Crazy Beautiful Life", has been popping into my head A TON theses days. The reason for that is because I seriously feel like the Hubster and I are living one heck of a crazy/beautiful life right now (and not because we have friends that get plastered at parties like the song infers).

There are definitely some crazy beautiful things that are happening, the most exciting being this... Drum roll Please....
in 43 days time Tristin and I are going to this place for THREE WHOLE WEEKS:

That right, Yo! I'm taking my man back to The Mother Land! SOUTH AFRICA, I'M COMING BACK FOR YOU, BABY! We'll be there for 3 whole weeks: Cape Town, Durban (my place of birth and living), and Johannesburg.
 *insert pleasure squeals here*

BUT....get this....24hr before our 22hrs of flying to the other side of the world, Tristin and I will be taking on this baby right here:
The Bolder Boulder is only the funnest 6 mile race to ever grace the planet! Hells yeah I'm excited for this! How crazy beautiful is that week going to be?! 

And how many times can one say crazy beautiful in a blog post without getting completely sick of the phrase? We'll find out I guess

So I've also made a bucket list for all the things I want to do before we leave this wonderful state. Shockingly enough, most of the stuff on that list are names of restaurants I want to eat out at so I'll spare you those details. This past weekend T and I were able to visit one of the bucket list restaurants in Niwot called Colterra.

Here's our Smile Practice Round

Finally got it out of him :)

That soup was to DIE for!
It was a good experience and the food was incredible.... but I HAVE had better, I'm not going to taste buds must be broken or something. 

Then last weekend we were able to go to the Colorado Symphony with Jay and Christina! It was unbelievable. They had the most amazing pianist accompanying the orchestra and it just took my breath away. 

Prior to the symphony we went to PF fortune from my cookie is being displayed in the picture above mainly as a reminder to myself to stop stressing about the move....So if you were curious as to why I put that there, that's why.

Anywho, that's it for now folks! Enjoy the rest of spring! It's been a great one so far!

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