Friday, October 26, 2012

I Lack Boundaries

Apparently the prefrontal cortex is the part of your brain that is suppose to pick up on social norms and abnormalities. It's the part of your brain that tells you, "you'll be socially awkward if you do that".

Apparently my prefrontal cortex doesn't work when I get really excited.

This past Saturday I got to meet Joanna Brooks at The U of U! She's kinda my hero for SO MANY reasons! (I may have a golden shrine dedicated to her...JK...or am I?) I was SO excited to meet her and talk to her and take a photo with her (Creep-o-meter  going up) that when we all went in to take the photo I was TOTALLY crouched up next to her and in her space like we were best buds!!

In my defense I thought EVERYONE was going to snuggle together for the photo. Whoops...Sorry Joanna. I'll respect your personal space next time round.

Joanna Brooks is the author of The Book of Mormon Girl. She's not only an incredible writer but an incredibly sensitive, loving, and empathetic person who strives to bring awareness for equality especially among women. The best way she does this is by demystifying what it means to be a devout Mormon and a feminist. Feminists are not angry women. Feminist are a community of women who may be housewives, working women, singles, teachers or young students who all believe in a God who adores His children equally. 

After hearing Joanna Brooks talk, me and the girls went out for drinks and a snack. In light of the nature of the womens conference, and because I have a very sick sense of humor, I suggested ( that's a lie, I INSISTED) that we go to this place....just for kicks:

I'm a bad person...
Don't worry, we ordered herbal teas and hot chocolates followed by a quick stop to the chocolate shop (apparently it's a famous chocolate shop but I've forgotten the name)

Girls day out = success. YAY for Women! And YAY for chocolate!

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