Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Card

Christmas cards (the ones we all send out with a pic of the family on them) are an American thing. I NEVER grew up with that tradition. So when Tristin and I got married I couldn't do the whole Christmas Card/family picture mailer because:

1) It would be really boring to send a yearly picture of the two of us out to all our friends and family (who see us on FB anyway!!)

2) I can't justify the waste of stamps and paper (call me cheap but I'm not going to spend money on something I hold no sentimental value for). However, I DO love receiving the cards so please don't think this is ANY judgment towards you and your Christmas cards! They are wonderful!

Instead, I like to do a yearly video that I email out to people because not only does it document our years events but it's GREAT "footage" to show our kids someday.

So here is our 2012 Chirstmas video to you! We love you all and wish you all the happiness life can bring you because you all deserve it!

With all the love we can muster,

The "Hippy" Roneys

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